Weight limit Exceeded... PAD #1116

Rainy, rainy day. Got home late. This is one of my favorite belts. Allison saw the picture and I figure it will be thrown out sometime when I am not watching it. But you can’t see that it is falling apart when I am wearing it. I wore it mostly when I was riding my motorcycle. Maybe because that is gone my belt should be set free too.

On Saturday I went by our mall and Motorcycles of Manchester has a store there now. They had some great bikes on sale. I think I am getting the bug again.

And speaking of vehicles you should check out my Fuel My Blog guest post.

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4 Responses to “Weight limit Exceeded… PAD #1116”

  1. Maria says:

    Hey, hubba and I have the same kind of belt. He wore mine one day and snapped it in two! His is ratty but he won’t retire it, must be a guy thing … =)

    Maria’s last blog post..Repairing Shattered Lives

  2. Drew says:

    It is certainly a guy thing, we love comfort and things that we know by heart. That belt is very comforting even though it is falling apart. I have a hard time with belts, I am never satisfied with the one I get until a few years later. I just don’t want to break another one in so soon. I mean, this one is 5 or 6 years old, it is still new. 🙂

  3. phoenix2life says:

    Wow…cool…nice observation and good photograph.

    phoenix2life’s last blog post..Beautiful Rose..

  4. Drew says:

    Thanks very much. It was a last minute thing but I could certainly talk about it.