Cat Scratch Fever… PAD #1117

Cat Scratch Fever... PAD #1117

The April Challenge is slowly coming to an end. I again scrambled to find something for the theme and thought of the cat’s scratching post. I had some trouble capturing Duncan and stuffing him in the sitting spot to get this shot. He finally cooperated and I think he’s been sitting there since. I think he has been miffed for not getting many photos posted of him since Eva came into our lives.

I am so behind on things. I watched Bones last night but not How I Met Your Mother and so there is no review of it today. And I actually had someone interested in reading the review. I feel like I’ve let Mike down. Then I was tagged by The Raging Tech and I really don’t do memes like that anymore and I always feel bad for not doing them. So Go Check out The Raging Tech for some great posts. I also noticed that he likes one of the web comics that I enjoy, Real Life Comics. So now you gotta go visit him because he has good taste.

Stephen the Dog now has his own domain name. That is awesome.

I ordered myself a new camera bag/backpack today. The one I have been carrying around has been impractical and has started to rip (it came with the kit). I had been reading about the Lowepro FastPack and I ordered one today. I got the Fastpack 350 which can also hold a 17″ laptop as well. Once I get that I will do a review of it. I also looked into ways in which to rent lenses. I would like to do that before I invest in an expensive one. I think there are a couple I would like to rent for the next NEPE outings in June. On is lighthouses and the other is a Balloon Festival. I’m thinking a fisheye might be fun at either of those events.

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