May Challenge Week 2…. PAD #1122

May Challenge Week 2.... PAD #1122

The May Challenge Week 2 is all about an automobile. Since I don;t think everyone wants to see my Honda civic all week, even though I love it, I am picking a flashier vehicle, Ramone from the movie Cars. And I can take this one with me wherever I go. Of course Week 2 probably starts tomorrow as weeks usually begin on Monday so I am probably a day early with this and all.

Today was a productive day, I took care of quite a few things around the house so that Allison didn’t have to do anything when she and Eva returned home. That meant laundry, dishes, trash, recycling and a bunch of other things that needed taking care of.

One of those things was donating some old towels to the North Attleboro Animal Shelter. I also had to go there to pick up a prize from Strut Your Mutt. I won a father’s day gift basket. There were some interesting things inside too. Some to keep some to give away. I would have loved winning the movie basket or the 6 month family membership to the YMCA. That would have been great. The prize was better than the last one that I won at a Shelter related event. That time I won a women’s golf basket. I swear I did not put the ticket in that can but somehow I ended up winning. I also wanted to pop in and see General But General was out for a walk with a prospective family. And then another person was also coming to visit with him. I hope he gets adopted. He is so cute.

Allison and Eva got home safely and we had a nice evening. We started watching out DVDs of the TV Show Tru Calling. Interesting show.

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8 thoughts on “May Challenge Week 2…. PAD #1122”

  1. Hai Ben, are That picture your replica of your car? I ‘m intresting with the eye, the bumper look like mouth. Are you use Nikon Camera? what type Ben?

  2. Tomi,
    I use a Nikon D80. That is a toy car from the movie Cars. Not a replica of my car. I have a Honda Civic.

  3. Chica,
    Tru calling was very short lived, only a short season 1 and very short season 2. It starred Eliza Dushku and later Jason Priestly joined the cast. I figured I would use the toy because I could take it everywhere.

  4. I’ve been collecting them since the movie came out. I have pretty much every one that is out now too. I like them myself, a lot.

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