Cinco de Mayo 2008… PAD #1123

Cinco de Mayo 2008... PAD #1123

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. I enjoyed my favorite holiday but unfortunately was unable to go to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. The place was packed and even before 6:00pm. So we ended up going to another non-Mexican restaurant and got fajitas and Chipotle Poppers. They were decent.

I remember when we used to live up in New Hampshire, Cinco De Mayo at La Caretta was an event that we never missed. Oh well, things change.

I did bring the things from my Postie Pack with me to work and wore the beads with the chili pepper all day long. No one noticed.

I wrote a couple of Guest Posts. One is on being a better blogger by spending time at community events and meeting people. That was at the IZEA blog. The other is my weekly photo challenge at FuelMyBlog blog.

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13 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo 2008… PAD #1123”

  1. Hey Mate,
    Since moving from Texas to Australia, there’s a couple of holidays I really miss. Cinco De Mayo is one and the other is Thanksgiving. Thanks for the pict and post, it borught back good memories!


    dale’s last blog post..Introducing Banjo

  2. Mo,
    I am right there with you. I loved those fishbowls. Cinco de Mayo used to be a wicked fun day for us. I think next year we will plan to be home and make something Mexican and I will make my special Margaritas. If I can have corned beef one day a year I am sure I can have one margarita…. or two.

  3. Alan,
    I had americanized Mexican food so do not sweat it. We even contemplated Taco Bell after the authentic place was too full. Luckily we did not.

  4. Hi Dale,
    I am glad to see my blog is reaching far beyond my little town in Massachusetts. Glad my post could help bring back some good memories. There are no Cinco de Mayo celebrations in any restaurants in Australia. That is just plain wrong. Next year have a Margarita and celebrate maybe it will catch on. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come on back.

  5. Drew,
    NO worries, I’ll be back. No, no celebration in Melbourne anyway … there’s not a decent Mexican restaurant in the city! I’ve had my own personal party with a couple of Coronas to mark the occasion!


    dale’s last blog post..Introducing Banjo

  6. We are going to have to check this La Caretta place out. We have a season ticket mini-plan for the NH Fisher Cats in Manchester, and are always looking for good places to eat after the games. We’ve been to Margarita’s many times, but I wonder of this place is better. We’ll find out soon enough!

    Christine’s last blog post..So I bought a new suit?

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