"Harley" Girl... PAD #1125

This is Harley – She is a Rabbit Hound Mix. She is Red & White, very shorthair, spayed and is about 20lbs and approximately 1 year old. Harley will be my first in a series of animals spotlighted who live at the North Attleboro Animal Shelter and who are ready for adoption. I visited the shelter last week to pick up a prize from Strut Your Mutt, while I was there I wanted to see General but he was out for a walk. I thought that meant that he was going to be adopted soon but he hasn’t been. I began thinking about all the animals that come in and out of the shelter and how they all need homes. I also thought, what can I do about it. Well, I could blog about it and I could offer my skills in photography to spotlight some of the amazing animals at the North Attleboro Animal Shelter. So each week I will visit the shelter and spend time with one of the animals, get to know them and blog about them along with some photos.

I visited with Harley today and while Karen took Harley for a walk I talked with Karen about Harley. And I got to know Harley’s personality. Harley is very energetic. She would be an amazing dog for an active owner, someone who would take the time to involve Harley in agility or hiking or even going out for a run. If you have energy and drive then Harley is the dog for you. Harley was a bit timid and shy with me but then Connor took her for a walk and then he sat down with her and she responded very well to him. So Harley has a lot of love to give a new owner. Harley loves to play and she is doing very well with both house and crate training.

With all of her energy she does need a fenced yard to run around in and since she is timid she does need a patient loving owner to help her socialize. It was nice spending some time with Harley and getting to know her personality a bit more. I’ve uploaded a whole gallery of images on Flickr of Animals from the North Attleboro Animal Shelter. If you are interested in Harley please contact the North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

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4 Responses to ““Harley” Girl… PAD #1125”

  1. Harley is beautiful! My Mommie volunteers 3 mornings a week at a no-kill cat rescue shelter, so she sees firsthand how many wonderful, adoptable pets there are waiting for their Forever homes. Good luck to Harley.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..I climbed my first tree!

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks Daisy,
    I figured that many people love pets with blogs and so if Harley had one showing all her cool adventures then maybe she’d get adopted. I hope that somehow I can help some of the animals in our shelter. We shall see how it goes.

  3. […] on the North Attleboro Animal Shelter pets of the week. I got an e-mail today letting me know that Harley has found a home with three rough and tumble boys who are full of energy and who are very excited […]

  4. […] This week’s North Attleboro Animal Shelter Pet of the Week is Trixie. She is a Spayed Female, Shorthaired, Silver Grey Lop Bunny. She is large and approximately 3 years old. Trixie had been adopted but was returned because the owners got a new big dog and the dog and Trixie did not get along. The dog took over her space. Trixie is a beautiful bunny with a soft thick silvery grey coat. She also has a great personality and loves to be held and snuggled. Trixie likes to be carried around cradled like a baby. She is litterbox trained and keeps her space neat and clean. She would love a bunny safe exercise yard and likes to be outside. So if you have a bunny proof house and no canines on the premises maybe Trixie is the pet for you. You can see some additional images of Trixie as well as images of last week’s Pet of the Week, Harley. […]

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