Bring on the Hot Wings… PAD #1126

Bring on the Hot Wings... PAD #1126

Eva has her first tooth. It is still a little small but it is there and you can see it without a magnifying glass. She’s also been a very good eater lately and is on to fruit. So she now does cereal, vegetables and now fruit. Soon she’ll get some other food items to try and give that tooth a workout.

Eva has been one busy kid lately. She’s gone on many play dates, she is going for swimming lessons with Allison and yesterday she went to the Zoo. It is a real special time at our house and we are so happy for each day. Eva’s little personality peeks out more and more, the things she enjoys and the things she doesn’t I’m glad to be able to get home early enough most days to go take her for a quick walk or play or read to her.

Lost is on tonight, gotta go make the popcorn. Reviews tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “Bring on the Hot Wings… PAD #1126”

  1. Thanks Nanjo,
    Eva is certainly a cutie-pie, she is rocking the new tooth big time. And when the second one comes in well,the cuteness overload is gonna be big time. I appreciate you stopping by to comment, I checked out your blog and dropped my EC on you. Love the dog theme.

  2. Love the tooth…she’s too cute! When she’s old enough to move on to popcorn…you’re forbidden from making your special cajun recipe…it’s bad enough Allison has to endure it!!!

    Mo’s last blog post..I’m coming home!!!

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