Where it belongs... PAD #1134

I’ve been meaning to take a shot of the motorcycle boot with an actual motorcycle for the May Challenge. This is the boot with my Dad’s Harley-Davidson sportster. I don’t ride that one because I dropped it early early on when Dad got it. He was really good about it and I didn’t break anything but I put a couple good scratches on the end of the handlebar and the pedal. As the bike started to fall I swung my leg over to the side towards the fall and caught it as it scraped the ground. Then I accidentally hit the kill switch and couldn’t get it started again because I was panicking. That happens when you drop someone else’s bike. But I haven’t been back on that one since. Maybe someday.

I could ride my friend Mike’s because he dropped his much sooner than I dropped my Dad’s, so I figure that one is already broken in.

I wrote a few recaps from the Thursday night lineup. I’m going to go watch CSI because I heard that was pretty awesome.

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3 Responses to “Where it belongs… PAD #1134”

  1. pete says:

    I love the posts about the bike. Even if you can’t get one now, it’s still nice to think about it.

    I dropped my bike once, but luckily the saddlebags caught the fall and the bike never really hit the ground, except for the pipes. Got lucky. Wish I could afford a Harley, but the Suzuki Boulevard C50T is a good substitute. 🙂

    pete’s last blog post..Your GPS Camera Phone: Insane Cuteness

  2. Chica says:

    Oh heck, that shoe looks so darn sad not having a foot in it, although, I didn’t notice it didn’t have a foot in it at first!

    Chica’s last blog post..Day 6 of Shoe Week

  3. Drew says:

    Hey Pete,
    I used to have an Alphasports GV250, it was a little cruiser bike, ran real quiet and got something like 70 miles to the gallon. It was only a 250 and really light so it was good only for small rides in the country.

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