The Dunes of the Cape… PAD #1136

The Dunes of the Cape... PAD #1136

Okay so these are not dunes, it is a little path along the water. For some reason the song made me thing of “If You Like Piña Coladas…”.

This morning Dad and I took a walk from the house to the harbor and I, of course, took my camera with me. I was going to take my new camera bag with me to test it out but I am afraid it is just too big for me and it has hip stabilizers and I don’t need them at all. So I am trying to decide what I should do with this camera case. Should I try and sell it on eBay or should I run some sort of contest on this blog. Any thoughts?

Well, during our walk we went to the Falmouth Harbor and I looked for things to take a photo of. We talked about how I try and take photos of what I see that is there and how that is different from other photographers that I know who see what is not or what could be there and adds things to the scene. MY Dad picked up some shells on the sea wall and positioned them and took a couple of shots. That isn’t something I would have thought of doing. If they were arranged in an interesting pattern I would most likely shoot them. So it made me stop and think. I then ‘borrowed’ his idea and shot this image.

Photo-A-Day #1136b 05/18/08

The entire walk I could see that we were headed to the harbor and how the sidewalk and the cliff and the water were leading us there. I kept trying to figure out a good shot that would avoid the power lines and other things. When I got down to a point where there were no power lines I took a few shots and I wasn’t too happy with them. So when I got to the Harbor I took this one of the seawall and the jetty leading out into the harbor. I wanted to convey the same sort of leading that I was seeing as we walked to the harbor.

Photo-A-Day #1136c 05/18/08

After our walk we went out for breakfast, picked up some lawn seed/fertilizer/plant food and went back to the house.

Since I will be traveling this week. Three states (Illinois (Chicago), North Carolina (Raleigh) , Louisiana (Shreveport), three demos, three skin of my teeth connections to make, I went home early to spend time with Eva and Allison. The only place I will be there long enough to catch my breath would be Shreveport. So Sorry Robyn and Lisa, I can’t come out to visit this trip. We had a nice afternoon together and now I am finishing up because I think Allison is playing Mario Kart Wii and she sounds like she needs a challenger.

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18 thoughts on “The Dunes of the Cape… PAD #1136”

  1. “We talked about how I try and take photos of what I see that is there and how that is different from other photographers that I know who see what is not or what could be there and adds things to the scene.”

    Nice, I try to also see what’s there as well, even though the camera doesn’t always capture what I see, and most often captures something I didn’t see, or couldn’t without the correct camera settings.

    I like what you did with that second photo, it would have been cool if the person looked like they were sitting on the shell. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Favorite photo this week

  2. I love these pictures! They’re beautiful. I grew up in Massachusetts and spent most summers on the Cape. Makes me a little homesick for the East Coast.

  3. Escape by Rupert Holmes. I will admit the song it catchy which seems to aid its obviously popularity. It weird that I would say 85% of people don’t know the actual title to the song.

    The story in the song is very disturbing. You have two people who have some sort of realtionship. Lets assume it is marriage. The become bored with each other and write personal ads. Then they meet up based on these personal adds.

    The song ends on an upbeat note pointing note as they people realize they have more incommon than they though. I guess that is upbeat but the relationship is doomed. There strong evidence of poor communication and deception in the song. I would not put money on then staying together.

    It could be worse though you could be at a wedding and suddently realize you are listening to Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel”. I can’t believe people do that. Do they not realize how inappropriate the song is.

  4. Chica,

    Sitting on the shell, now that would have been cool. I will have to keep my eyes and mind open to possibilities like that.

  5. Eddie,
    You and me both. I would be beach bound day in and day out if I could. Kayaking all day long and such.

  6. Thanks Connie,
    I can’t take credit altogether it was inspired by the photo that my Dad took of three shells together.

  7. Erica,
    I hope I don’t make you too homesick as I will most likely be putting up more Cape photos as the summer winds along. Please come back to check them out.

  8. Stephen,
    A quick Google Search did give me the title of Escape. I figured I’d just put up the song title that people think it is. And yes the song does talk about a relationship that is probably doomed. And so does Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel” Heck, I think the wedding march song has a bad history to it as well.

    I take it you had a slow day at work today my friend. Oops, sorry I mean you were left outside with too much Stephen alone time.

  9. Great photos! But it was one of those times you had to be there. I really enjoyed the break from working on the house, and the time with you. I’m looking forward to walks along the beach with Eva this summer.

  10. Dad,
    And thanks to you Eva has a nice clean stroller to use. She’ll really enjoy going up and down the beach and the wind, she loves the wind. I had a nice walk with you too.

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