Fist Full of Kittens... PAD #1146

If only kittens were currency like say…. a Fist Full of Dollars then we’d be in business or at least the North Attleboro Animal Shelter would. You see, it is kitten season, momma cats are having them by the litter and then some. I stopped over to the North Attleboro Animal Shelter to take some Pet of the Week Photos. I took a bunch of photos of the different cats at the shelter.

While I was there a woman dropped off 3 kittens and she is keeping the momma cat. They were all strays. The kittens are double pawed and we are unsure of the gender right now so they do not have names. I think if they are boys then we need one of them named Josey Wales. Just because. I’ve uploaded the rest of the cats to my Flickr account and will be spotlighting them over the coming weeks. Pet of the week will go up tomorrow.

Today was a pretty cool day. I won the monthly photo contest through the group that I go on photography adventures. This month’s theme was landscape and I won half the $10 an entry kitty. Pretty sweet. The other half is being added to a pot for the photo of the year contest.

The other cool thing that happened was that I was named as one of the Utterz Ambassadors. That is a very fun thing and means that I will get to test out new Utterz stuff as it becomes available.

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8 Responses to “A Fist Full of Kittens… PAD #1146”

  1. Dad (Grandfather) says:

    Congratulations Drew. I’m not sure what all that is. Nice pictures of the kittens,remember you all ready have two and Shelby does too and Erik doesn’t care for cats.making progess on your room.

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks Dad. The photo contest means I won $45 for my photo, there were 9 participants at $10 each. The other one is so that I can be a tester for new options on the service. And I know, no more kittens. Believe me, we are all set there.

  3. Chica says:

    Aww I want that kitty, I’ve been meaning to get my 3 yr old cat a friend, someone who is a bit hyper and will keep Nemo on his toes, but haven’t found the right one yet.

    Congratulations on that photo contest, that’s fabulous. I went and viewed the photo, and it is superb. Everything fills and lines up the image in a great way.

    Chica’s last blog post..WW- Martins de Barros painting

  4. Drew says:

    Well, it is kitten season, you should be able to find Nemo a new friend at a local shelter.

    Thanks about the contest. It was pretty cool to win, that is my favorite photo ever and I love how it looks. Everything did come together on that road that day.

  5. Andrée says:

    Hey Drew! I’ve been keeping up despite my life and all and now I think I can resume MY life. I saw how you won. I appreciate so much your invitation to NEPE: I’m going to Quechee and to Franconia with Wingnut!! He’s coming early! I hope I can meet Eva face to face. She is such the beauty!

    Our shelter is having the same awful problem. A tom cat walked out of the woods two weeks ago and moved in with me. Daughter wanted him to go to shelter but I said no. Thank goodness: they have 41 cats / kittens and dozens, DOZENS, of calls a day! I can’t tolerate the thought of what is going to happen to them all.

    I’ll be in touch now more . . . hugs and looking forward to the future . . .

    Andrée’s last blog post..Camera Critters: A Disagreement Between Geese

  6. Drew says:

    I am looking forward to meeting you and Wingnut as well. We are very excited about the balloon festival and I rented a fish eye lens for the occasion. I hope I can get close enough for some good photos.

    I’m sorry that I haven’t been as good about keeping up with your blog. I will work on being better. And thanks for the congrats on my win. That was unexpected and cool.

  7. debbie says:

    what is wrong with people not taking care of their kittens. new born kitten care is not that hard

  8. Drew says:


    Kittens need to love and care. Wish everyone would do that for their kittens.

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