Meet the Competition… PAD #1148

Meet the Competition... PAD #1148

Recently we’ve gotten quite a few Wii games, It started with the Guitar Hero 3 game, then Super Smash Brothers Brawl then Mario Kart Wii and now with the Wii Fit. Allison is a fierce competitor. I usually kick butt right out of the gate. Video games come pretty natural to me as I spent most of my childhood playing Nintendo. So I pick things up easily. Allison takes a little longer however she quickly excels with practice. She can outplay me on Guitar Hero, outrace me in Mario Kart Wii and she just told me she absolutely crushed my top score on Hula Hoopa on the Wii Fit (her 534 spins me 55 spins, ouch). But it is great having this game system so we can play together. And I am going to go to that right now.

Okay not right now because I am waiting for my photo to upload to Flickr through Utterz. and then I must get the audio from blogger and image from Flickr and then also add the image to buzznet. I do a ton of things each day so it is hard to keep up. I’ve been hearing Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble talk about Friend Feed. Well, today I signed up and you can see my feed at There you can see things I am sharing, digging, stumbling, posting, twittering, powncing and the like. They don’t have a connection for Utterz though and they should.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Competition… PAD #1148”

  1. I find I’m scattered all over the Internet, too. Friend Feed works on Facebook, too, so it shows everything I’m doing on my Facebook profile.

  2. Anna,
    I think I connected friendfeed to facebook as well. Yeah just so many places I can be at once. Internet induced ADHD is my problem.

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