Be careful… PAD #1152

Be careful... PAD #1152

I flew from Boston to San Francisco today. Then when I landed I got in my rental car and headed north up and over the Golden Gate Bridge to the coast. I would have stopped to get a photo but as you can see I was a bit fogged in.

Golden Gate Bridge

This happened most of the way on my trip up the coast. There were places where I could see the ocean and it looked great but there was no way I could stop and take any shots. The road was a pretty cool one if you were on a motorcycle. I bet my Dad would have loved a chance to tear along these winding roads on a nice clear day.

I stopped at a few places like Muir Beach and then later at Stinson Beach. That is where I got the photo-a-day photo. There was a sign on the entrance to the beach that showed a Great White shark and a warning that there was an attack there in 6 feet of water. So I guess that is what I thought about when I went to take the photo.

On my flight I read a book that my friend Andrea lent to me. It was called Understanding Exposure. It was a very informative photography book. I then tried to make use of the techniques but I think I need to use the book at the same time as I have the camera. The theories and techniques were great and the photos in the book were awesome. Mine however didn’t come out as great as they could have. I’d like to read one that was more focused on a digital camera and especially one that was for the D80.

I had some tasty fajitas tonight at a place called Chevys. On my way there I saw this statue.

Statue in Tribute to Charles Schulz

It was put up in tribute to Charles Shulz. What I did not realize is that the Charles Shulz Museum is in Santa Rosa. I would certainly have made it a point to get up here earlier to go tour the place. Maybe I will have some time tomorrow after the demo.

Here are my photos from today in a funky mosaic.

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6 thoughts on “Be careful… PAD #1152”

  1. I LOVE Charlie Brown! I remember it being shown on tv when I was real young, alongside Garfield, the Smurfs, and Alvin and the chipmunks. They just don’t make cartoons like they used to I tell ya!

    Don’t let overcast and fog let you down. some really great pictures are taken when there isn’t blue or a visible sun in the sky. Fog can be a really cool thing. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem

  2. Chica,
    I went to the Charles Schulz museum today after my demo and it was so worth it. My ride back to my hotel for the night was not picturesque so I was glad to go to the museum for a while and see all the great stuff. Photos and recap later tonight.

  3. Thanks Brian,
    Yeah that sign does seem to try and take all liability off the lifeguards. It is also a cool beach scene, I wish the bridge was more visible though.

  4. That’s right, Dad would love “tearing up those roads on a mortorcycle”. There’s something magical about winding roads, the coast, and the rumble of a Harley. Drew be safe and give me a call when you get a chance.

  5. Dad, you are up early. Or maybe your computer has a very early timestamp. I know you would certainly enjoy those roads.

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