View Askew.. PAD #1157

View Askew.. PAD #1157

I went out today and gave the Lensbaby 3G another shot. Yesterday was not the day to take this lens with me on the trip. I realized that it wasn’t a lens for making quick images. Nope, you have to take your time with the Lensbaby 3G. Once you do you get rewarded in strange ways as the strange focus gives you some interesting things to see. I had looked online to find out what the metal disks were all about and like Alli said, they are for aperture. Not the fastest way to change the amount of light coming into the camera but they work and with some patience I was able to get the image above.

I’m adding GPS data with my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr to 575 images from yesterday so it might take a while for me to weed out the ones I want as part of the Flickr set. And it is hot sticky and gross here tonight. Dad helped me put in the two air conditioners and the one in the bedroom is getting things nice and cool. The living room not yet. But I am in the back room and a very occasional breeze gets me a little respite.

Today we celebrated my Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day and my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary. Mind you none of those things took place today but today was the day when the whole family could be together. My sister Tara planned the meal and it was excellent. We all had a very very nice afternoon and enjoyed each other’s company as well as the cool ocean breezes. And we are all missing the ocean breezes except for Shelby who gets to enjoy them year round.

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  1. Thanks very much Capt. Mary,
    I took a look at your photos and they are very good. I wouldn’t say that mine are works of art but I really appreciate the compliment. Keep up your blogging, your writing style is entertaining and keep taking photos. Do it as often as possible and you’ll get all sorts of great results.

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