Daddy Ducky... PAD #1161

Eva’s new favorite bath toy is this duck that, in my opinion, looks a lot like me. First off the dead giveaway is the camera, I always have my camera and am always taking photos of Eva. The second thing is the Hawaiian Shirt. I am a big fan of Hawaiian shirts. And of course the goofy bucket hat and sunglasses round out the whole getup. Yep, that is daddy ducky alright.

Speaking of Hawaiian Shirts. I am a big fan of the ones from my friend the Mad Gringo. He keeps coming out with some great products. And who can blame him with such a great logo. I even slapped the logo sticker up on a fake VW bus in an airport one time. I wasn’t the first to put a sticker there but the one I put up was the best. If you are wondering what to get Mad Drew, or Mad BenSpark for 4th of July then look not further than the USA Mad Gringo T-Shirt.

Today I was able to post my photos from my trip around San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. I posted them all so if you take a look at them on Flickr you will see a ton of them. I tried to narrow them down first but got way to behind as I did so. Take a look at the California Road Trip 2008 Flickr Set and let me know which ones are your favorites.

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8 Responses to “Daddy Ducky… PAD #1161”

  1. Chica says:

    I saw that in my sidebar, and immediatly thought it looked like you. It would go great with the “funny” project that’s for today. hehe

    My two favorites were the very last Sheltered Lagoon, and Long Walk. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Project: Funny

  2. Girlie says:

    haha that’s what I thought too ^_^

    Girlie’s last blog post..Refurbished Cisco System

  3. Lynn says:

    hehe. Yeah I saw it on my sidebar and had to click. Raegan loves ducks and I was wondering where you got the custom duck because he really does favor you. Too cute.

    Lynn’s last blog post..How to Properly Dispose of American Flag

  4. Drew says:


    I will look through my photos to see what I have for that theme. I get confused, how many days does the photo project run? I like the sheltered lagoon ones too. I don’t think it is a lagoon but it makes me think of one or at least my idea of one.

  5. Drew says:

    Seriously, you should see my Mii character for Nintendo. Everyone who has seen it can’t believe how similar we look.

  6. Drew says:

    The duck is a munchkin one, it isn’t custom but they have many different ones to choose from. I started buying them before Eva was born and I have a bunch including a pirate duck and an all pink breast cancer one as well.

  7. I love this duck! I need one for my rubber ducky themed bathroom. Great photo!

  8. Drew says:

    Hey DD,
    You can get this at Target. It is a Munchkin. They have a ton of them, I want to get the cow one too.