Bird on a … PAD #1167

Bird on a ... PAD #1167

Wire. Yep the bird was out on the wires in the back yard. I saw it and tried to get a nice close look at the bird but when it was closest to me my sharp movements from inside the house sent it flying away. Oh well.

I feel like that bird today. I flew all over the place and still got in work and many other things today like picking up my comic books, checking on something to buy at the local Harley shop (nope not a bike, I wish), grabbing dinner, setting up my testing of the Nokia N3555 phone and getting plenty of housework done around this place. I’m cleaning like a fiend.

I also geotagged my images from this past weekend and started uploading them to Flickr (in private right now till I can weed out the crappy ones and give them all titles and descriptions..

I’m also working on a top secret project with Chica that we should be able to reveal soon.

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8 thoughts on “Bird on a … PAD #1167”

  1. Phoenix,
    I’m pretty good with insects they are usually not bothered by my being around, but birds, birds are tough, so skittish.

  2. Sire,
    I used my 70-300mm lens on the macro setting so I could get better DOF. This was taken out the window of the upstairs room.

  3. Chica,
    Not a big deal, I thought we’d have the group logo and all that before we actually kicked it off. I thought we might do a joint kickoff as well. Oh well, not a huge deal. I will start inviting people and blog about it tonight. Any progress with a logo?

  4. Great shot, Drew. Very good detail of the wire, No. Attleboro Electric may want to talk to you.

  5. Dad,
    Do you think I should see if they want me to take some promotional shots? That might be fun. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

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