Slippery when Wet… PAD #1169

Slippery when Wet... PAD #1169

Today I went straight to the Cape after work. There is nothing like hitting the Bourne Bridge and catching that salt air. Then shooting up 28 to Falmouth. It is such a calming feeling. I love it. I sat out on the porch and relaxed for a bit and then went over to the beach as the sun set and took some photos of the jetty and played around with the settings to make the water look softer. This was my favorite of the rocks. Check out the PhotoHunt tomorrow for the one of the water.

Here is a bonus shot of two seagulls in flight.

Seagulls at Dusk

Tonight Dad and I went for dinner at Sabatinos. We saw an old friend and had a very nice meal.

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4 thoughts on “Slippery when Wet… PAD #1169”

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for commenting her on my blog. I am glad you enjoyed the photos. I must have shot over 200 of the rocks to get one I liked, many were fuzzy because I was not using a tripod. But some worked.

  2. Hey Andree,

    It is all about trial and error. Slow the shutter speed down, slow down the ISO and try not to blow out the highlights.

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