Lockdown… PAD #1172

Lockdown... PAD #1172

Lockdown, that word probably got some of you scared because you weren’t thinking about the Decepticon from Transformers Animated, you were probably thinking about drills that your kids now have to do in school. I was talking with a friend at work and she was telling me how her kids have lockdown drills. The world is so much more scary then when I was a kid and the only drills we had to do was to form a human wick and exit the building in a mock fire drill. Thinking about the things that happen these days keeps me up at night.

But today’s photo is of Lockdown, the Decepticon Bounty hunter who is supposed to be somewhat of an homage to Boba Fett. I don’t exactly see it myself. Anyway, I love this car. It looks like something out of Death Race 2000. All black and silver with spikes. Very very bad ass. I picked him up this morning at Target. I decided on this as my photo and I edited it in Picnik because I recently wrote a review of the Transformers Animated DVD that came out June 17th. I wrote as a guest reviewer on Table for Five. I asked Elizabeth for the DVD and in exchange I would write a great review for her. I hope you read it. Let her know what you thought of my reviewing skills.

Today is a crazy day. Allison and Eva are on their way home but storms have made their flight over an hour late. I’m still at the office and getting ready to head to the airport. Only to have to turn right back around say at 3:30am to head off to Oklahoma City for demos for the next week. So missing my girls all week just to see them for a few moments before I have to be the one who leaves. Our timing was not that good this time around. Well, I am off to the airport.

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4 thoughts on “Lockdown… PAD #1172”

  1. Nairobian,
    I hope that you enjoy the review and like the DVD, it is one of the best transformers cartoon to come out in a while.

  2. Thanks Dad,
    I arrived safe. My going very early proved to be the best course of action. I got here on time no problem.

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