Take me out… PAD #1173

Take me out... PAD #1173

At the AT&T Bricktown Ballpark.

Today I traveled from Boston to Oklahoma City for two days of demos. I was able to get to Oklahoma City with no problems but many of the other people ended up having their flights canceled. I just had to pick up one of the demonstrators at the airport and that was 10:45pm. So sometimes it pays to get up at the butt crack of dawn. It is days like this that I do those things.

Once in Oklahoma City I headed to my hotel because I wanted to get some rest before everyone started arriving and we were planning on the baseball game too. So around 5:00pm I headed to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill. Not a bad place overall, there were some fun things there including Toby videos on a big screen, a front of a tour bus and a stage for live performances. While the food there was decent I’d avoid the “Not So Buffalo Wings”. They were not good. My steak was good and so was the baked potato and the SW Cream Corn.

After dinner I went with a couple of the guys to see the RedHawks play a game. They had gotten free tickets from someone in their hotel. I was able to buy a ticket right next to them and we were only 5 rows up from home plate behind the opposing team’s dugout. It wasn’t too bad for only $14 at the gate.

More exploring Bricktown tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Take me out… PAD #1173”

  1. Good Morning Drew, great picture of the ball game. It looks like it was a perfect night for baseball.

  2. Dad, It was a great night. The team ended up winning 5 – 4 in extra innings. AA ball is pretty exciting and has many giveaways too keep the crowd interested. Fun games and things like that. Plus the guys I was with cracked me up the whole time.

  3. That’s a great image, perfect lighting and everything, nice capture! I have some used to be relatives in Okie. Haven’t seen them in years.

  4. Chica,
    Thanks. I waited till there was some action going on too. And I didn’t use a flash so I like how I caught both the pitcher and batter in motion, pretty frozen there too.

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