Colorful Cat… PAD #1182

Colorful Cat... PAD #1182

I took today off. Allison and I went down to the Cape last night after the cookout so we could wake up on the Cape. It also made more sense just bringing Eva straight to the house down here rather than back home and then get up and head down here this morning. We always sleep better and longer here. I think it is the air.

This afternoon we took a walk downtown through a small Farmer’s Market. We needed to get some vegetables and a few other things. I picked up a Blueberry Lemon cake or bread (can’t remember) for breakfast tomorrow. Also some Strawberry Jam. While walking the Main Street of Falmouth there was one store that had these metal do dads for your garden including the cat from today’s PAD. We finished up on Main street and hit Pie a la Mode to split a S’mores sundae. It was very very good.

While we were heading back to the car I noticed that I had a direct Twitter message from a friend who asked if I was around and if I could send him my phone number. Turns out that he needed it so that I could participate in a phone interview for TIME Magazine. Yep, that TIME Magazine. But first I spoke with a young woman in a PR firm who said that I may or may not be speaking with the reporter from TIME. Well, around 4:00 I had a 20 minute conversation with Anita Hamilton from TIME Magazine. The article was about blogging and I may or may not be quoted in the article. We shall see. Stay tuned.

Today was also very exciting because we took Eva swimming in the Ocean today. She loved it, she had so much fun and so did we.

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8 thoughts on “Colorful Cat… PAD #1182”

  1. That kitty thing is just too cute. Fresh air like that would make anyone sleep longer, that’s great. The first time I slept in a hotel on the ocean, I didn’t sleep a wink because it was my first time seeing it. lol.

    TIME magazine… wow! Your just getting all kinds of luck these days eh? Good on ya. Have a happy fourth of July! 🙂

  2. Karen,
    It almost didn’t happen and I’m not even sure if I’ll get into the article but A certain guy with a penchant for plowing cakes had an interview and I was interviewed for supplemental info. So who knows.

  3. Chica,
    I never sleep past 5:30am unless I am out here on the Cape. And Eva was knocked out at 6:45 and will probably sleep all night, she has slept through fireworks that have gone off practically in her bedroom.

    As for the TIME thing, that was freaky timing and whatnot, who knows if it will come to fruition. I kinda hope so though.

  4. Chica,
    Yeah we were up at 5:30 this morning as well. It is just how it is. I tend to get more done in the morning and more sleepy in the afternoon.

    As far as the TIME thing, I try not to get too excited until something is a done deal. Just how I am.

  5. Elizabeth,
    There is a possibility. Slim for me but I think it will definitely happen for Mr. cake plow. I was a supplemental interviewee. But who knows. If it happens I will let everyone know about it.

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