Exactly Where you Wanna Be… PAD #1184

Exactly Where you Wanna Be... PAD #1184

Today on the Cape it was a rainy crappy weather day. So we did some visiting. First we went over to visit with Great-Grandma T and Great-Grandpa R. GGT was super excited to see Eva and to get the three framed photos that we made on our way over. I took some of the nice photos from the weekend to Wal-Mart made some quick prints, bought some frames and got them together on the way over. GGT isn’t able to get out much so she enjoys having photos of family and visits from family. I think the most recent photo of Eva was from months ago so we wanted GGT to have some updated ones.

After that we shot over to the BoatHouse Restaurant where my sister Shelby is the bar manager. When we came in the place came to a standstill, I am not kidding. All the waitresses and people at the bar wanted to see Eva. Some older woman came over to say hello as well. Yep, she is a little super star. I wanted to make sure I got a shot of Eva and Shelby behind the bar. And the slogan of the place made for a nice title of this post as well.

Allison and I had an early dinner at Sabbatinos in an attempt to shoot over to Mashpee for a 7:20pm showing of Hancock. However that didn’t work out. Eva was having none of that, she was giving my sister Tara and her husband Erik and our friend Mike a good time of dinner. They had started feeding her dinner while we were gone. The plan was to come in, give Eva some milk and then head out again. However, dinner proved to be more of a challenge overall. But for Allison and me it was hilarious to watch Eva and her shenanigans with Tara and Erik.

Well, gotta finish this up, we are going to try for the late movie.

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