Saturation… PAD #1190

Saturation... PAD #1190

I’ve really been exploring ways to de-saturate flowers. In this case I wanted the healthy vibrant flower to be desaturated and the flowers that are dying to be vibrant with color. I owe this little exploration of the idea to Chica and her Photo Projectz for the week. She even chose yesterday’s photo for her Friday Frinks (Friend’s links, oops sorry it means Friday Links, um but wouldn’t that mean Friday Friday Links? I will have to ask Chica). I am enjoying playing with the photos and making them look different. I took this image and then duplicated the layer in PhotoShop Elements. I then added an adjustment layer of Hue/Saturation. I made a mask of the flower and was able to erase the parts I wanted to stay colorful and color the parts that would be desaturated. Things are a bit backwards when you work with masks. In the end I like how this turned out.

Today I added my first review of the new season of Burn Notice as well as a SocialSpark post about Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Down. I took this post because I had heard about Long Way Round a few years back and really wanted to see it. Now I have the chance to see the second amazing journey on the big screen. I haven’t checked my calendar yet but I may be able to go.

Now you may be saying to yourself, but Drew you were paid to write that post. Yep, I was, or rather will be paid to write that post. But I took that post because the movie is something I personally want to see and had I not been paid and heard about it I’d tell you all about it anyway. I just happened to hear about it through an opp on SocialSpark first. I’ve started to really reflect on my paid posting. I’ve done a ton of it on a bunch of blogs over the past couple of years. The other day I was interviewed and I gave thought to what I’ve posted here over the past year or more. Some of it was for the money but much of it was because of things I believed in. Now with SocialSpark I have more choices and can easily disclose that I’ve done a sponsored post. I would like this blog to be as transparent as possible. I feel I owe it to the readers of this blog.

Looking at the Burn Notice Recap/Review makes me remember that I still have a ton of posts from BenSpark 2:Electric Boogaloo that need to be ported over here. I moved them to a wordpress blog and am cleaning them up before I move them here. For some reason I could not import them directly to this blog. Makes no sense. Anyway many of my TV Show Reviews are there and will soon be here.

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4 thoughts on “Saturation… PAD #1190”

  1. That is sooooo cool! Do they give awards for things like that, because that picture should win an award! I use Photoshop for some web graphics and such and can’t even imagine how you did that…I mean, you said how you did it, and I understand it, but what patience it must have required.

    Thanks for the visit again and especially for the sentiments about my dog Max.

    Kim @ What’s That Smell?’s last blog post..In Loving Memory – Max

  2. Kim,
    For some reason when an Idea hits me I have the patience to really see it through to completion with no regard to how long it takes. This was just something that struck me that way.

    You’re welcome.

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