True Blue… PAD #1191

True Blue... PAD #1191

I love that little “Me Want Harley-Davidson” Shirt of hers. Tomorrow I’ll get her on my Dad’s motorcycle while wearing that shirt.

We had a very nice day at the Cape. The weather was wonderful and the water was awesome. We had a late start and a lazy way down to the Cape, by way of Cracker Barrel. Some blueberry pancakes and the best bacon ever, you can’t go wrong.

Once we got to the Cape we fed Eva lunch and then headed to the beach. The beach was great today. Warm but not way too hot, nice breeze and not super windy, and the water, the water was perfect. We took Eva in a couple of times and she loved it. She is a water baby for sure.

We are starting to let Eva try a few things off our plates and last weekend we let her try a pretzel. A tiny Rold Gold one and she played with it a bit and nibbled a few bits and pieces. This week she turned that one pretzel into a huge mess. I can’t believe that one tiny pretzel could cause such a mess. She was dropping bits out of her mouth, then drolling a ton and wiping pieces on me. Good thing we were at the beach because we just jumped in to clean off.

Tonight we had a great dinner and then while we waited for our friends Neil and Andrea to call to go out for ice cream I tried to get my photo done. I realized that I didn’t have the special USB SD card adapter for 4GB SD cards. This is a problem as I cannot read that sort of card without the special SD card adapter. I do have an SD card reader installed it the laptop but it only reads up to 2GB cards. Not a problem I Googled “card reader support for 4GB cards” and found this article: Getting Your Laptop Card Reader to Read 4GB SD Cards. I followed the step by step instructions. Lo and behold I now have an SD card reader in my laptop that reads 4GB cards.

Before Eva went to bed I took her around the yard and took photos of her with the hydrangeas.

True Blue 2

While we were doing that Allison held Eva’s hands and let her stand and encouraged her to take a few steps with her help. She did. It was very cool.

Also I finished book three in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and started book 4 to catch up with Allison. Trouble is, once I finish that one, no more books are out.

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