Elephant in the Room… PAD #1194

Elephant in the Room... PAD #1194

It looks like Entrecard has made a great partnership that will address that elephant in the room. And that is dropping your entrecard and leaving without engaging in the blog upon which you visited. It has become common practice to drop a ton of entrecards all over the place and split before you do anything else on a blog. I know that I do that occasionally when I have nothing to say or I have little time to get as many entrecard credits as I can in a day. The practice of dropping and running is pretty frowned upon because Entrecard is attempting to build a community and help bloggers not only get traffic but to get good traffic. If 400 people stop by your blog each day for 3 seconds or less that will shoot up your Bounce Rate. That is the rate at which people are viewing and leaving your blog. But, get people to stop, poke around, read your posts and make comments, that is what is really going to propel your blog into the stratosphere.

Entrecard announced a way in which they can help improve that bounce rate. Entrecard has partnered with SezWho, a comment tracking program. And you can link your Entrecard account to SezWho and earn entrecard points for your comments. You can also rate the comments that people leave for you. And that means that you can control what you think of the quality of the comments you receive. If some drops by and says, nice site, guess what, rating of 1 or zero (if I can rate a comment a zero?) but if the comment is engaging then it will be rated higher.

I signed up for Google’s Lively but haven’t had much interaction with anyone yet and I don’t have a lot of stuff in my little room at this time. My room is an island and that is a pretty fun one too. I am hoping that more things get built for the island room like a tiki hut and a steel drums, how about some parrots and a Jimmy Buffett avatar, that would be sweet.

I wrote my latest IZEA Guest post today. I only have two left to go. I really hope that they want me to continue beyond these 6 months. I have really enjoyed writing for the IZEA Community and I know I’m going to be totally fired up for IZEAFest and even more fired up after the event.

Today’s guest post is titled 7 Tactics to Manage Yourself. This came about through a funny incident at work. I have this book called How to Manage Your Boss. I forget where I got it but I have had it forever. I’m not sure if I even read it. Anyway one of my co-workers found it on my desk and gave it to my boss. Now, my boss is really cool and she started ribbing me about the book. It has become something of a running joke. Well the other day she sent me a link to an article on our company intranet titled 7 tactics for managing yourself and she suggested that I needed some self management. I read the article and thought, you know this would be something great to apply to bloggers. So I wrote it and so far the folks at IZEA have enjoyed it. Please pop over to the IZEA Blog and let me know what you think of the post.

I also wrote a post about an online podcast called The Leviathan Chronicles. It is a sponsored post but I listened to episode 1 and liked it very much so I decided to do the post.

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20 thoughts on “Elephant in the Room… PAD #1194”

  1. SocialSpark, Entrecard, BlogCatalog. I think the best social Network. I am new on Social Media, but with that social network, My blog get big impact. from zero visitor to 10 visitor. Yea. Now it’s just 10 vistor, is litle. But I think it’s big movement for my blog. From zero to Ten. LOL..

    Tomi Yahya’s last blog post..Disclosure Policy

  2. Hi Tomi,
    As your blog ages and you get the word out to more people by commenting on blogs and joining social networks you will see that number jump right up. Good luck to you.

  3. greetings! thanks for the comment, I do appreciate it and also for regularly dropping cards.

    indeed this system at entrecard will make members more responsible to each other – that is sincerely commenting in each others blog..

  4. Peterahon,
    No problem, glad to drop by and leave you a comment. I also like to drop cards on your blog. You’re blog is part of my blogroll called SocialCardsters. Check out the link at the top of my blog to learn more about that blogroll.

  5. When I saw the Entrecard blog post about this, I immediately went and registered and installed SezWho. I then deactivated it because it affected my gravatars in my comments and I was still unsure of its affect on commentators who don’t use it.

    I like it and love the idea behind it but it needs some tweaking on my end to get it going so it doesn’t have as visible of an effect.

    Kim @ What’s That Smell?’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Bobblehead Baby

  6. Kim,
    I haven’t noticed any issues like that. I hope that things work out for you, there is a way to tweak how SEZWho appears on your blog. Do it through your SezWho account.

  7. I’m not a great card dropper, but hope to become better as time goes on. I appreciate the folks who want to advertise on my blog. I see the boost from there as well. I have to look into this sez thing… after I make more eggs for Fuller.

    alli’s last blog post..Apparently I am having a good hair day

  8. Alli,
    That is okay. I’m a good dropper and do the SocialCardster list daily (except for weekend) and I try very hard to comment when I can. I think you will like SezWho.

  9. I wanted to use comment more because I noticed it counted as technorati reactions. Commentting and favoriting some sites, like yours actually helped my technorati authority go up. I always neglect comments but with Sezwho and EntreCard it’s like killing 3 birds with one rock.

    Asuka_Aki’s last blog post..Entrecard: you rock my comments!

  10. Asuka,
    I appreciate that you stopped by today to leave a comment on this post. I have noticed a few good things happening because of this partnership.

  11. Sire,
    You should just put in your SezWho information on your Entrecard dashboard. That should hook you right up. I know that is how it worked with the three blogs I did after this one.

  12. CatSynth,
    That is so funny. Thanks very much for dropping over to check out the elephant. It is a cute one isn’t it?

  13. Daisy,
    I am sorry to hear that. With all the great comments you get on every post however I don’t think you need as much of a push as many others. It seems that I never get to your blog early enough to be a commentor in the single digits. What is your secret for great comments?

    Giving things a little time is cool, you are probably a bit smarter than the rest of us.

  14. I just joined Sez Who today, although I’ve been with Entrecard for a few months. I think it’s really a great idea and encourages good dropping and commenting habits. Good luck to you with your blogg

    chris’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  15. Chris,
    Thanks for the comment. I think SezWho is going to be an amazing asset to bloggers and their blogs. Good luck to you as well.

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