She’s going Mo-Bile… PAD #1196

She's going Mo-Bile... PAD #1196

Eva is on the move. She is not crawling per se but rather scooting. I call her the little Butt-Scootah. She sits up and scoots along pulling herself forward and using one leg to move and one is dragged. I was working from home today and I heard Allison say that Eva was coming my way. Coming my way, how? And I went around the corner and there she was doing her little Butt-Scootah move down the hallway. This was first thing this morning so the light was wonderful and she was so proud of herself.

I seem to be talking a lot about the North Attleboro Animal Shelter lately. I really believe in the work that they are doing and I just love the animals. I appreciate all the great comments that people have been leaving especially on the BooBoo & Bo story and the regular Pet of the Week posts. The more I look around at my own community the more I want to blog about community things. A good friend of mine and fellow blogger Autumn Grant e-mailed me today through Facebook. Autumn was Miss Wheelchair America 2007. She sent me a message about the 2009 Miss Wheelchair America and asked em to point readers in the direction of Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts 2008 – Kristen Ann Parisi. This year the competition is having a people’s choice award. You can go to the site and read about the contestants and then vote for people’s choice. Of course, being from MA I would be partial to seeing Kristen take home the title for MA. You can do a quick vote by clicking the radio button of the person you are voting for. This does not influence the outcome of the overall competition. Here is a bit more about Kristen.

* Employed this summer as a camp counselor for HandiKids
* Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Music Education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell
* Disabled as the result of a car accident
* Enjoys traveling, shopping, swimming, reading, and spending time with her family
* Self Perception: Passionate, Bubbly, Outgoing, Funny, Caring

Well, that is all for me for now. I just found out today that I am traveling next week to Nashville and then on to Washington State. I get one more state down, sweet. And I may even be able to meet up with a blogging friend Eddie Christy. You may remember Eddie from his song I Can’t. I gave away free copies of his song through iTunes a while back. I may have to do that again when I get back from the trip. I also may be going on a trip “Across the Pond” the week after that. Sweet!

Oh and if you haven’t had enough Eva photos here is another one. Look at those cute little chubby baby legs.


Oh and my highest visited post, a review of the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr, needs an update. It needs an update because the software now has support for MACs. And many photographers are MAC people and this is huge news.

Also there was a huge development over at SocialSpark. Everyone’s props were reset to Zero. Why? Because there was a huge amount of prop me, I propped you sort of spam. So instead of having 200 or so legitimate props from people I now have 1. One single prop. The tough thing is that I now have to go back and prop all those people that I think have great blogs and who are great bloggers. It does give me time to do this correctly and even drop those bloggers who are terrible and who are spammy. I hope this makes things better on SocialSpark. You can check out my SocialSpark profile and you can even see details about the traffic I get on this blog (I finally figured out how to make that info public.)

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13 thoughts on “She’s going Mo-Bile… PAD #1196”

  1. Thanks Lisa I started voting for all my friends already and since you were on page one I took care of you as well. Thanks for sending me the link to your contest, it is pretty cool. I’ll have to blog about it tomorrow on Read to me Dad, so that won’t be on my comment.

  2. Your blog has liked me.
    I invite to place the information in the new catalog of blogs (blog address)

    It not a spam.

  3. I guess we now have to fasten thing down and hang on. We all will need to be on are toes as Eva takes off.

  4. Lisa,
    I see that I have at least a couple of props now. Thanks for propping me back up. I did the same for you and many of my friends. And mostly because you have some awesome blogs.

  5. Monique,
    I’m working on traveling less, but this emergency came up and I had to help. But yes, it is tough to be away. I hate it. I miss getting time with her and taking photos of her daily activities.

  6. Tomi,
    You have to stop leaving comments that you propped someone. That is now seen as spam. It will get you kicked out.

    Traveling can be tough but I like it and I am going to have fun next week.

  7. Kim,
    Yes, that will be next, we are in trouble. She is so curious. When she starts running everything is gonna have to be tied down.

  8. Maxim,

    “It not spam”? Methinks it be spam. And to think, my blog is a hussy going around “liking” people. Sheesh.

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