Making a Masterpiece… PAD #1199

Making a Masterpiece... PAD #1199

Today Allison and I took Eva to Salt Marsh Pottery to use a gift certificate that our friend Peg gave us. Peg came with us to the shop and we had lunch with her after that. At Salt Marsh Pottery we bought an 11 X 9 baby hands and feet imprint plaque. Eva had just outgrown the size smaller. At the Salt Marsh Pottery shop we looked around and saw all the beautiful products that they had and we were there to imprint Eva’s hands and feet to save forever. The woman who helped us out at the shop was very patient and she explained that many children do not enjoy having their hands and feet pressed into wet pottery clay. We told her that Eva was a pretty easy going kid.

Eva did not prove us wrong. She loved having her hands and feet in the cold wet clay. The woman even let her play with a little bit of it and Eva enjoyed that too.


Now we have to wait a few weeks to get the finished product but already we are pretty happy with how it is coming along.

Eva's Marks

After that we went over to Peg’s house for lunch and to catch up. We had a very nice summer meal consisting of chicken, potato salad and watermelon. Eva even ate a few pieces of watermelon and enjoyed them.

Allison, Eva and Peg

When we got home I saw that there was an e-mail from Keith from the Ten Mile River Watershed Council. Peter Lord from the Providence Journal had written his story about the kayak trip and included my blog and blog address. Wow. That was pretty cool. Sort of negates the fact that I forgot to take my business cards out of the pocket of my Hawaiian shirt before I did laundry. Oh well, I have to get some new ones made up for IZEAFest 2008 and possibly for Blog World Expo anyway.

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14 thoughts on “Making a Masterpiece… PAD #1199”

  1. You are going to love having those little hands int he years ahead. I always marvel at how small they were now that they are grown!

    kml’s last blog post..Ocean Waves

  2. KML,
    I agree, those will probably one of my favorite items in the house. And then I’ll have to look at them closely when the real hands get into something they shouldn’t like my comic book or transformers collections.

  3. Connie,
    They said that after the glaze you won’t see as much detail on the hands and feet, wish that wasn’t true because that is very very cool. But you will sill see some. And thanks, that smile lights up the day.

  4. Rem,
    We are very very excited to see this come back to us. It has a seaside theme to it. Other impressions of things like shells were added to the plaque.

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