Underwater Friend… PAD #1200

Underwater Friend... PAD #1200

Today I was up early and on the road to get to the airport for an emergency trip. I am covering for a co-worker for the next two weeks and yes, it is official. I am headed to London for a week long trip. Pretty sweet. I do two demos and am there from Sunday to Friday. I’m going to be zonked after these two weeks though. I’ve been out of practice for traveling. I even forgot my deodorant.

The Flight to Tennessee wasn’t that bad I got here no problem. I even took an earlier flight because I was at the airport so early. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get stuck in traffic so I left pretty early. It turns out that I was able to get an earlier flight to DCA. I was leery of the amount of time I had between my scheduled flights and felt much better getting there earlier. I’m glad I did because I had a delicious buffalo chicken sandwich at Fuddruckers and I was able to review some of the video from Saturday’s paddle. I haven’t gotten a chance to get that together yet but I have reviewed about half of it then I will figure out what I want to do with it.

Before my second flight I caught up with a couple of other people from work and come to find out we are all at different hotels so once we got to the rental car agency it was time to split up and go our separate ways.

I went to my hotel and got set up with a few things online, travel arrangements for London and then headed over to the Opry Mills Mall. I hit the movies and saw Hellboy II. I have to admit I liked this movie more than I liked the first one. They fleshed out the characters a bit more including Abe Sapien and Liz.

After the movies I had dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant. This place was really interesting, they had a huge aquarium in the middle of the place that had very large fish and a scuba diver who went in to feed them periodically. I had some Shrimp and Crab Wontons and some Clam Chowder. Dinner was pretty good and I am stuffed.

While I was at the restaurant I talked to Michael from X-Shot and we are working on a new contest and he’ll be providing me with some X-Shot 2.0 samples to give away at IZEAFest 2008 and if I win the FuelMyBlog Contest and get to go to Blog World Expo I might have a few with me there as well.

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9 thoughts on “Underwater Friend… PAD #1200”

  1. Tomi,
    Yes I do get lucky once in a while. I was supposed to go to Ireland a few times but that never happened. But this will be very cool indeed. I am going to see if I can meet up with any bloggers in London too. Gotta put the call out to the FuelMyBlog community.

  2. Chica,
    While it is hard to leave them this is also a pretty big opportunity for me to see some place I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

  3. Dude! You are in Nashville? That’s two hours away from me! Oh well. Next time.

    I’m very jealous you get to go to London. It is an amazing place. Been there three or four times in high school (I lived in Germany then). I can’t wait to go back for another visit. Have a good trip!

    alli’s last blog post..O what peace we often forfeit

  4. Alli,
    I totally forgot that you lived near here. The whole trip was a last minute thing too. And so is London. Had I known sooner I’d have made some arrangements. MY head is still spinning from the quickness of the trip.

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