Meeting Eddie Christy... PAD #1201

Back about 3 years ago I was using myspace to blog as well as to discover new music. I discovered Eddie Christy and his song “I Can’t”. You must go to Eddie’s Myspace page to hear this song, it is beautiful and one of my favorite songs ever. Well, Eddie became a regular commentor on my blog posts and I would post comments on his posts as well. We struck up a friendship through blog after blog. And often he would say that I should look him up if I ever get to Nashville.

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Last Friday I got asked to cover demos in Nashville and Seattle, I was able to go to Nashville. I sent Eddie a message and we made plans. We would meet for diner downtown. I was looking for some decent BBQ grub and conversation. I was not disappointed in either. I’m probably going to make Eddie blush about this but I have to say it. He was the nicest guy. I mean sincerely nice. He was nice to everyone we met on the street, everyone. He took me through the city and told me about the history here and there. He considers himself a fact geek and loves facts about history. He pointed out a building that was not a building but rather a fake building to hide some ugly industrial equipment.

That is something I noticed, Eddie saw things that no one else did or would. He told me about Sam’s Sushi where the owner, Sam is a grumpy guy who doesn’t like new customers, yet he and Eddie talk on all sorts of issues. That doesn’t surprise me. And as we were walking down a hill a man in a powered wheelchair was coming up. Eddie said hello and told me the guy was a retired cop who liked the Nashville Predators. You see Eddie talks to can cares about people.

I notice how much I am in my own little world with my walls up all the time and noticed it more so while walking around with Eddie. While we walked around we caught up with some of my co-workers. I introduced them to Eddie, after we had gotten their attention, and he pointed out all the places to eat that were around. We were going to Rippy’s to sit out on the rooftop and have some BBQ. So we left them and headed up that way.

Along the way Eddie pointed out more history and places to see. We got to Rippy’s and took some photos including this one that I took with my Sanyo and my XShot 2.0 (New contest to win one is coming and I will have some to give away at IZEAFest 2008 and if I win the FuelMyBlog contest I’ll have some for Blog World Expo too.) After we were done taking photos my co-workers caught up to us and the 5 of us had dinner.

Dinner was delicious and we had a great time swapping stories. After dinner I caught a ride with one of my co-workers and Eddie headed off back to home. I had a great evening, awesome ribs and great conversation. Eddie, if you get up to Providence or Boston I’ll show you around there. Here are some photos from the trip around Nashville.


1. The Stage, 2. Broadway at night, 3. Printer’s Alley, 4. 2nd choice for dinner, 5. Robert’s Western World, 6. Ernest Tubb, 7. Giant Guitar, 8. Well the singing may suck…, 9. Me and Mr. Nashville

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15 Responses to “Meeting Eddie Christy… PAD #1201”

  1. Tomi Yahya C says:

    Here it’s that I am waiting. Your photos on Nashville. You have taste for photography.

    Drew, are you ever post something about how to capture some object? Or recommend site related, photography?

    Last. “From Online to Real Life, It’s call Best Friend”. May be Eddie could create this for his new song. Don’t think this to serious.

    Tomi Yahya C’s last blog post..Waiting Sunset on Tanjung Pinang

  2. Stephen says:

    I like your use of the word grub

  3. Chica says:

    Three cheers for Eddie! It’s good to have someone like that, they’re the best. Glad ya had a good time. Took me a few minutes to figure out what the PAD was, but I see it now. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..I’ve reached 10,000 visitors…

  4. tom kaulitz says:

    i like Eddie Christy

  5. kevin says:

    u r really great

  6. Drew says:

    I’ve never done a tutorial of my way of photographing, I might just do that sometime. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Drew says:

    I’m nothing if not descriptive.

  8. Drew says:

    The PAD is pretty dark, I had to shoot without flash to get Eddie in the lens and because of that I had to make the ISO higher and got a little grainy. I did a little clean up in Photoshop.

  9. Drew says:

    Tom and Kevin. Can you spot the spam comments?

  10. Lipsense says:

    Hey your photography is very amazing. You have got a very good taste in it. Even I have to try out such type of photography. More over the pics are too good.

  11. Drew says:

    Thanks very much. Glad you like the photos, looks like you might want to promote your website. Check out my PayPerPost direct button to negotiate with me.

  12. I’m glad you enjoyed Nashville, Drew! Great hanging with you. Hopefully again soon!

    Eddie Christy’s last blog post..It’s Saturday!

  13. Drew says:

    I had a great time. Might have gone a bit over the top with my recap but I was pretty excited to hang out with you. Of course having met me you are probably wondering if I get excited about anything. Well I do I just keep a lot of it inside and write about my excitement. Hope we catch up again in the future.

  14. cart says:

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  15. Drew says:

    Obviously this is a spam message and I am glad I got rid of the link you put on your comment, no one who reads this blog should be subjected to seeing that. Your comment makes no sense in regards to the post itself.

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