At Borders with Ellis Paul

At Borders with Ellis Paul
Photo-A-Day #1205

I’ve decided to take out the PAD # part of my titles. I’ve slowly been making my titles more and more friendly to search engines. I have been posting a Photo-A-Day for a very long time and now you will know that the Photo-A-Day post is the Photo-A-Day post with the message beneath the image.

Today Allison took a trip up to Wareham, MA to a brand new Borders to see Ellis Paul play a small set to promote his album The DragonFly Races. This album was the first one that we ever bought for Eva. And it arrived soon after she did. We had heard about the CD back in 2007 at the Common Fence in Portsmouth, RI. We were so excited to hear about that so we planned that we would get it as soon as it came out and we ordered it right away when we saw it had been released.

The mini concert was awesome. There were about 10 families in attendance from kids between 9 1/2 months (Eva) to about 12. When Ellis began playing Eva sat in rapt attention to every move he made and was like this for two straight songs. We missed the 1st song because Eva pooped right before Ellis began and I ran to the bathroom (A very nice on too) and was doing fine. I am a pit stop pro and have been since she was born, however changing her in a public bathroom is always tricky. I get everything out and ready and do get that diaper off and start with the wipes. And things are going fine. Suddenly Eva slams one foot down onto the diaper. I hadn’t wrapped it and tossed it yet. That rouge foot came up slightly poop covered which means very poop covered. So I had to get another pack of wipes and clean that foot while Eva grabbed the tube of Desitin. Next thing you know her hands are a bit white. I hadn’t capped the Desitin because poop feet became priority #1. In the end I got Eva ship shape and we got back out there just as Allison was about to send a search party for us.

So, on to the mini concert. Ellis played many great songs from The Dragonfly races and he talked a little about how each song came about. We were very excited and Ellis was great with the kids. At one point he asked them to get up and dance. There were 3 little girls who were so excited and they danced all around. There was a little boy about 4 with a pacifier, way too old for that. Eva made friends with him though. Eva spent most of the time on Allison’s lap dancing about. She loved watching the other kids and Ellis play. At the end of the show, which was about 30 minutes (perfect for short children attention spans), we went and had Eva’s CD signed. Ellis wrote, “Play Loud” on it. Thanks Ellis.

After that I took Eva and Allison to Red Robin for their first time ever. I am so excited about having a Red Robin in the area. One is being built right down the road too. Red Robin, if you have never been before, is awesome. They have some incredibly tasty burgers and with Burgers comes Bottomless Steak Fries. You remember that last French fry of mine. Yeah that is pretty much over and done with. I still try to be better but am not going to deprive myself completely of them. Red Robin also has a spice mixture on the table that is great on everything they serve. They even sell it and I bought some back when I had a site in Vancouver, because that was the only place I’d ever seen a Red Robin. We liked it so much and had such a great experience that we signed up for the Red Robin club and can get free burgers on our birthdays. And another great thing, they are building a brand new Red Robin up the street from us at Gillette Stadium.

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8 thoughts on “At Borders with Ellis Paul”

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but I think it is so cool how you do your share of diaper duty and stuff. A lot of guys just shunt this off onto their wives, and that’s not nice.

    So there IS Red Robin around here. I’ve been seeing more and more ads for them on TV. but had never seen one around here before. The only one we ever saw was in Albany, NY, and we were there, on the way home from Cooperstown, looking for some brewpub that I’d read about.

    Maybe we will check out that Foxborough location on the way back from a PawSox game next season, since it’s right on the way.

    Christine’s last blog post..Boring day?

  2. Christine,
    Diaper duty is no big thing. Real men change diapers. They aren’t afraid of the sight or the smell. I should put that or something like it on a T-Shirt.

    There are 5 locations in MA. The Foxboro one is coming so that is #5 but they are in Holyoke, Millbury, Plymouth and Wareham. It is worth going.

    The Foxboro one should be opening soon along with so much more at Patriot Place.

  3. Kim,
    We totally both filled out comment cards to sign up for the free birthday burger. Sweet! Now I have to wait till April 9th for mine.

  4. A poo covered foot.. how I remember those days, and glad it’s only a memory now. LOL just wait until she gets big enough to not want poo on her bum, and then the diaper comes off and she goes running!

    I’ve never ate at a red robin, they advertise it on tv all the time though.

    BTW, it was my fault the linky was up, didn’t realize that the one my browser saves for me had a comma and two missing /’s. 🙂

  5. Chica,
    It was not fun. She’ll probably potty train early. I think she is smart enough to do that, or will be. You gotta check out Red Robin, great place for a family to eat.

    No worries about the url. Also I posted my SS picks.

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