Darkest Peru

Darkest Peru
Photo-A-Day #1210

Today I started off on a mission to go and pick up a few things around the city. That was after I completed my demonstration for a client You know the real reason I am over here in London. But since I don’t talk about that I will have to find something else to talk about.

After the demo I went back to the hotel and assembled my gear for a nice light pack to bring with me. I also tossed my last Book Crossing book into my bag. I had all the cameras and other items. I was off.

First I traveled to the Fulham Broadway Station because that was the closest station to Warrs Harley Davidson. At Warrs I picked up a couple of pins. It took me a good long time to find the place too. I walked in 4 of the wrong directions until I found the place. So, that was fun. I did notice something interesting the T-shirts int he clearance rack were all 2XX and higher. Those are all usually missing from the racks int he US. Better start doing some crunches. I did get to see Chelsea Stadium on my unusually long walk, though. When I was done with that I walked back to the station which was also a mall and movie theater with a food court. They have Krispy Kreme Donuts here. Oh, Oh. Movies were about $12 US, ouch. I did have lunch here and then continued on to my next stop which was Harrods.

I went to Harrods to find Eva a Paddington Bear. I wanted to get her an authentic Paddington Bear and not some tourist trap knock off. It was very important. So I went into Harrods. Immediately a security guard tells me that I have to take my backpack and put it in my hands, it cannot be on my back. Why? I have no clue. So I put it into my hand and trek through the building. I was annoyed because there were no signs and no explanation of why. I also saw many people with bags and backpacks on their backs. So I put it on one shoulder. The pack is heavy if you carry it around a mega huge store for a while. I got Paddington and then picked up the 50th anniversary book and CD. I knew those would be great gifts for Eva. Then I started looking for something for Allison. The store is huge and you need a map to get around, unfortunately maps are not in abundance. I did find the Crepe and Cafe place and had a delicious Crepe with Strawberry topping and strawberry ice cream. That was my good experience with Harrods.


I made my way back downstairs and was again told by a security guard that I had to hold the bag in my hand. I didn’t question it, I’m not in my own country so I was polite. But I was annoyed. Couple that with the fact that there was a small continent full of people in the place I was getting anxious and claustrophobic. I assume the reason I had to not have it on my back was so that I wouldn’t bump someone else or the merchandise. Fine, but the bag in my hand with the straps all hanging down was much more dangerous than it would have ever been on my back. So I tried to find an exit quick. Well, quickly finding an exit in this store is not possible so I got more and more annoyed and finally made it outside. I then took Paddington to various places along my route back to the hotel. I wanted to get back and quick. I was done with being out and about in a sea of humanity. I wanted some alone time to get my sanity back.

Along the way back to my Tube Station I stopped off at Piccadilly Circus Station, Paddington Station and the Warwick Avenue Station for Little Venice. In Little Venice I found out that it was part of the Borough of Paddington. So I walked around and took some more photos. I got back to my hotel and met up with some of my co-workers as they returned from their demos. We talked a bit and then set to meet at 7:00 in the concierge lounge of the hotel.

At 7:00 I went upstairs but I was not feeling up to going back out for the night. I had much work to get done and I was tired from all my walking earlier in the day. So I had a quiet meal with another co-worker who wasn’t up for going out either. Tomorrow I’m going to run all over the place and get a bunch of Paddington Photos for a little book for Eva. I’ll hit many of the places I’ve been before and have a quick loop mapped out so I can do that, get back to the hotel and shower before my flight home.

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  1. Lynne,
    Harrods was an amazing store. I didn’t feel that comfortable there. I’m not a fan of crowds and the security people kept telling me to hand carry my ‘rucksack’ very irritating.

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