Black Eye

Black Eye
Photo-A-Day #1217

d Susans. When I got home today the weather was crappy, the drive was long and I wasn’t too interested in staying outside much longer because of the rain. I took my camera out and shot these Black Eyed Susans. I guess it is the weather but I really haven’t got much to write about today. We’re headed to the Cape for the weekend and the Falmouth Road Race on Sunday (No, I’m not running) But I’ll go and try and get some good photos of the runners.

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10 thoughts on “Black Eye”

  1. LOL I saw that photo and thought it was one of mine for a moment. I took photos of my Black Eyed Susans last Friday and I’ve got one that looks almost exactly like your photo. Great shot!

    The weather sucks here too. Looks like it’s not only going to be raining for the rest of the week but it’s also going to be cooler than normal too. 🙁

    Tricia’s last blog post..Bad migraine knocking me out of commission

  2. Christine,
    Luckily I’ve been gone for a couple weeks and the weather everywhere I went was beautiful, even London. So I missed all that. But being home for one week in the crappy rain was not fun.

  3. Tricia,
    I think that is why I don’t photograph these flowers that often. It is hard to get an original shot. Lol. I hope things heat up a bit for you.

  4. That’s what I love about blogs. I have no idea what the Cape is (guessing Cape Cod) but it sounds like a wonderful family day out! We just got back from Vegas … maybe like a cape, who knows! Thanks for the social cardsters roll, helped me request a few friends today!

    Damien Riley’s last blog post..Got the Girls a Kitten

  5. Damien,
    Cape is Cape Cod. We are heading there this afternoon for the weekend. I see that you were making friends. I added your other socialspark blogs to the blogroll.

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