For the 15th time

For the 15th time
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My sister Tara has run the Falmouth Road Race 15 times in her life. She started way back when she was a teen and has run as many as she could since then, missing a year here or there but for the most part hitting them all. So today was the 36th running of the Falmouth Road Race, one of the largest non-marathon road races in the country.

When I was a kid I used to hang out on the ball field and watch the race, collect cans and get a huge haul that weekend. I know that one year I made a couple hundred dollars in that one day collecting cans. The Road Race used to be huge for our family. Every room in the house would be rented, I’ve slept in the hallway on more than one occasion too. We’ve hosted runners from all over, over the years and the weekend is always filled with excitement.

This weekend was an exciting one, we went and watched the runners. I took a ton of photos and posted them to Flickr under the keyword Falmouth Road Race 2008. I was lucky enough to get a few good ones of Tara. I had tunnel vision looking for her in the crowd but she pointed me out as she ran by. I also managed to get some good photos of some of our friends. Our friend Todd was running in the official Ed Lambert Memorial Running Club T-Shirt in honor of our good friend Ed Lambert, who passed away earlier this year. The shirt has a motto on it in French. “We run for God… and Ed.” Ed would have approved.

Todd - Falmouth Road Race

the rest of the day we were at the beach and Eva had a great time in the water. She also played with her boyfriend Nolan. It was fun, Grandparent’s parents, aunts and friends all sat around watching these two kids interact with each other. There was very little interaction, however, they were both in their own little worlds, but it was cute none-the-less.

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  1. Great Photo of Tara and Todd P. Good job Drew. Eva and Nolan were cute on the beach and Mikey really enjoys Eva. Have a safe trip.

  2. Thanks Dad, if you follow the link I have a bunch more and I think I caught one more person from the Ed Lambert Memorial Running Club. I got to Montana safely.

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