Boston at Night

Boston at Night
Photo-A-Day 1225

Tonight Allison and I went to see Ellis Paul in Boston. My sister Tara and my BIL Erik came with us as well. Erik, Tara and Allison picked me up at work and then we crawled to Boston Harbor. The traffic was not good at all and we were all a bit nervous about making it to the venue on time. You see, we were heading to Boston Harbor to see Ellis play a Blues Cruise.

We did arrive in time to get on the boat and even pick up a quick highly unsatisfying hot dog before the boat set sail. The venue was not used to people sitting for an concert on the boat so there was a bit of an issue getting seats. Erik and I stood our ground and got at least two seats inside so Allison could sit and see Ellis play. I was happy to walk around the boat because I could still hear the music. Unfortunately there was sporadic rain the entire night. I did brave the rain a bit so I could record some of the lighting strikes. The sky was amazing.

Ellis did a great job and had a band with him as well. Each of us had a great time.

On the way home we were still hungry and hit Taco Bell for a late night snack. Gave me the energy to stay up a little longer to put more picapp images on my blog. Hopefully I end up winning the FuelMyBlog/Picapp contest. I’ve been using Google Is Not God as my blog for posting Picapp images. Over the past month I’ve posted 280 picapp images. I don’t know if anyone posted more. But I hope not. The contest ends in 2 hours.

The Read to Me, Dad/Baby Sherpa Contest has closed. I had a ton of people participate and tomorrow I’ll be running everything through to pick the 3 winners.

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2 thoughts on “Boston at Night”

  1. The rain was enough to postpone the Red Sox game. But I’m glad the boat still sailed and you were able to get nice pictures. And I’m glad you all enjoyed the show. Still, I’m sick of all of this rain, too. 🙁

    While I’ve got your ear…can you please tell me if Boston Harbor Cruises are smoke-free or not? We have wanted to go on special event cruises with them, but have never gotten a straight answer about whether smoking is allowed or not. If they won’t tell us, we won’t go, because Mike is severely allergic to cigarette smoke. We have been on scenic cruises where smoking was allowed, and it was not a good time for him. I’m a non-smoker myself, but I don’t share his allergies.

    Thanks in advance! 😀

    Christine’s last blog post..Saturday Stuph?

  2. Christine,
    The folks who run those cruises are shady at best. There is smoking on the boats. Plenty of it. Mike would have a bad time on the boat with all the smoke. I even stood out int he rain and lighting for a while to get some special shots too.

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