Pringles Art

Pringles Art
Photo-A-Day #1237

That Ted Murphy, he went and brightened up my day today. He sent out a tweet around noon. I totally missed the part about plugging my blog for doing this too. I only saw that he wanted people to make some crazy Pringles photos. He wants them for a presentation. I can see where he is going with this. His influence online in networks like Twitter and Utterz give him reach, reach and influence. So he puts an idea out there on Twitter, “hey send me photos showing that you love Pringles!” That is a pretty innocuous request, many people like Pringles, own a camera and can do a crazy photo.

So, On the way home I picked up a ton of Pringles, I mean, if I’m gonna do something like this I am gonna do it up big. I got the small ones for sandwich bags and the large tubes as well (for the beach). I took some photos while I was in Target and then as I was checking out the woman at the register said, “Boy you must really love Pringles.” I said, “Yes I do!” I would have gotten more flavors if there were more in the store. But I got all that they had.

Once home I started arranging the Pringles on the Lazy Susan, I was going to try for a spinning photo but settled for a spinning video.

I took some photos of Allison and of Eva with their Pringles and then Allison took some of me taking a huge bite of a stack of Pringles. Here are the other photos.

Pringle Lips
These are yummy! My Pringles Tower About to Eat some Pringles YAAAAUUM!
That first bite. Big Bite! Big Stack Attack! Yum!

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun with the Pringles.

Now you might be saying to yourself, why would you buy Pringles because someone Twittered about it? Well, mainly because the idea behind it was a cool on and Pringles are just fun. This definitely got me out of my funk from yesterday. Although a Pogo would still be nice.

After that we went out tonight with our friend Meghan. She took us out because she wanted to thank me for helping her with the family slide show that I helped her make for her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. We went out to Red Robin. We are completely stuffed. We had an awesome time. We got bottomless steak fries and I asked for Mayo and made Fry Sauce. And they didn’t charge for the Mayo either. I’m still working on the details of the Fry Sauce Recipe Challenge and will announce that contest sometime after vacation and all the conventions that I have coming up.

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14 thoughts on “Pringles Art”

  1. Jules,
    You can blame Chica for the Fry Sauce. I am seriously going to do a Fry Sauce Recipe Challenge. I just have to decide on the prize. The Pringles stuff was courtesy of Mr. IZEA himself, Ted Murphy.

  2. Chica,
    You did create a monster. I can’t eat fries without it now. Now I crave fries. I’m not sure that is remotely a good thing. Oh well. The Pringles stuff was fun.

  3. Alli,
    That is okay, next time around. Being a good mommy is priority one. I wonder how many other people did some sort of Pringles thing.

  4. Mo,
    You kill me, but that saying, it is a reality. You really can’t stop. They should put that warning on the container.

  5. Stephen,
    I can feel the disapproval from here. Don’t worry about my selling out though, I’ve taken care to make sure they all get eaten.

  6. The picture of Allison with her Pringles lips is great. I took a similar photo of Crystal – but it was at least 10 years ago – maybe 12… Too bad it is at home in the photo album – and I’m not home yet… well, she might think it was a good thing 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to say ‘good job’ Drew. Go big or go home, right? Now I’m hungry for Pringles!

    Heather in Beautiful BC’s last blog post..3 Foot Moderate Sea

  7. Heather,
    I’m just gearing up to GO BIG at IZEAFest. Gonna be an over the top weekend. I can’t wait! Getting through the last week of work is gonna be tough.

    And yeah, I think it probably is a good thing that Crystal’s photo didn’t end up online.

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