My Baby Sister is 30

My Baby Sister is 30
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Today is Shelby’s 30th birthday. I took the day off and we went to the Cape for an extended long weekend. I also have tomorrow off. Allison and Eva and I got up to the house about 12:30pm. We fed Eva and then went to the beach. We spent the afternoon with Shelby and her friends. Eva wowed them all. She is so personable. The way she is around new people is great, if only her daddy was as comfortable around new people and made friends that easily.

Around 4:00pm Shelby and her friends left, they went to get ready to go to Twin Rivers Casino. Except, that is not where they were going, they were keeping her distracted until 7:30pm when we were having a surprise party for her. My sister Tara coordinated the whole thing. For the past couple weeks she has employed myself and Allison to scan photos and get them ready for a slideshow. It was fun looking back through the past 30 years in photos. Tara took all the photos from our scans as well as a bunch from Shelby’s friends and created a wonderful slideshow with awesome music that everyone enjoyed. We showed the slideshow with Tara’s projector. It was projected onto the side of my Dad’s van. This photo is out makeshift outdoor theater.

Our outdoor theater

Don’t laugh I think we’re gonna watch a movie on it tomorrow night.

the night was a wonderful one and Shelby was totally surprised by the party and having all her friends at the house. Everyone had a great time too and they LOVED the slide show. Everyone had some laughs and it was a real testament to the person that Shelby is.

I also want to mention that I should be expecting 2 bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce sometime soon because I won Lisa’s giveaway contest.

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  1. Thanks Karen,
    Shelby certainly is pretty. And such a people person, tons of her friends came from all over for the party. She was so genuinely surprised. It was great.

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