The Heights at Dusk

The Heights at Dusk
Photo-A-Day #1241

Today we spent a nice morning with the family having breakfast, lazed around the house for a bit and then headed to the beach. Eva once again enjoyed the heck out of the water, except it was a little colder than she likes. Well, in a week we will have tons of water that is warm for her to play in when we head to Florida.

After the beach our friends Neil and Andrea came over. Andrea and I worked on setting up a blog for her photography. She takes some wonderful photos that are on Stock Photography sites and she is now looking to start a project taking shots of people’s boats out on the water because many people would like a shot of their boat under sail but have no way of getting the shot so she does the shooting and will sell the photos. Here blog is called Wheeler Images and she has just started it so we need to work on tweaking the theme and getting some content on it but it will soon be filled with some wonderful photos.

After dinner, which was burgers and dogs (Bubba Burgers with Sweet Vidalia Onions in the patties and Nathan’s bigger than the bun hot dogs.), I saw the sun was setting and the sky looked really nice out over the water. We took a bunch of shots and the one above made the cut, the one below was also one I liked. I should have had a tripod but I put the camera right on the wall to steady it and that worked pretty well too, wish I thought of that first I could have gotten better shots of the fisherman on the rocks.

Heights at Dusk 2

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