Photo-A-Day #1242

Apparently I am disturbing this Praying Mantis as it hangs upside down on the flowers. When we returned home from the Cape and I was taking in some of the stuff from the car I noticed something strange in the flowers and it was a huge Praying Mantis! I found some praying mantises(?) around out house in 2005 when we were doing some yard work at the house. They are really interesting to watch and to photograph. Here is a shot of the whole Praying Mantis.

Praying to hang in there

I hope that everyone has a great Labor Day, it is back to work tomorrow! Only 4 days left till a 2 week vacation that will include trips to the Miami Metro Zoo, Palm Beach Zoo, IZEAFest 2008 and Blog World Expo!

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17 thoughts on “What!”

  1. Preying Mantis’ are so rad! I love letting one walk around my hand and arm. Although I did find out once that they do bite! Feels like a snakebite pinch, just really teeny.

    I can’t wait to hear about your trips and whatnot this next two weeks, My impatience is thanking your blogging habits. (blogging as you go) lol

    Chica’s last blog post..Playing with a pinecone…

  2. Mo,
    Well yes there is that, how could I have forgotten to mention that we would be hanging out with you for a few days and that you would be watching Eva for us. Don’t worry I’ll mention it plenty as things go along.

  3. Chica,
    The insect is protected, at least in MA so we can’t touch them. I was taught that from very very young. I did use a stick back in 2005 to transfer them from the pickup bed to an arborvitaes. I did notice the wicked little mouth and I bet it would pinch pretty good. Keep an eye on the GING blog of mine for the utterz updates about the trips.

  4. Jules,
    I can understand that, however I think it is very cool. So we should work out a plan to meet up when I am in Vegas so we can go photowalking. I arrive in Vegas on the 19th at 4:00pm. Want to hit up In and Out Burger with the family and go photo shooting on the strip or somewhere else, I’m game for wherever?

  5. Rachel,
    Thanks for the comment, no need to leave a keyword as your name, as I noticed. I use comment luv and I usually remove any comments that use a keyword rather than a name. However I visited your blog first and liked what you had up and figured that you really wanted to leave a comment here so I changed the name and kept the comment. I appreciate that you stopped by.

  6. Steve,
    Ah your comments were straight up spam even copying from my comment policy however your second comment was worthwhile so I kept it and of course changed your keywords.

  7. Dad,
    Thanks, do you think this might be one of the ones from 2005 that grew from very tiny to this monster? There was also a dead one so I figure this may be a female that recently mated.

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  9. Nine Months? The one with Hugh Grant? Wasn’t that a comedy. I don’t remember a praying mantis. But I figure that from the synopsis that he must have had a daydream/nightmare to that effect. I might submit it to a stock site. I haven’t done much with those yet.

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