Old School LEGO

Old School LEGO
Photo-A-Day #1243

This weekend I picked up my box of LEGO from the Cape. Inside I found all sorts of pieces. When I got home I added the 30 minimen to the mix.


Tonight I wasn’t doing well for photograph ideas so I dumped out the contents onto the living room table and began building a few things.

Miniman Lineup

I found three precursors to the miniman in my collection. Just check out how far this guy has gone in 30 years.


I think I will work on something for the miniman contest from Gizmodo. In the end I made a few vehicles including a “hot rod” and an airplane.


Three more days till vacation. I can’t wait. Three more demos to do and then two weeks of fun in the sun.

I looked for the Praying Mantis from yesterday and today I found 6 of them, all huge and all over the yard. I also found another molted shell of a Praying Mantis. Yesterday I said it was a dead one but it wasn’t it was a molted shell and it comes off in one whole piece. What remains is so delicate. I will try and photograph one tomorrow.

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13 thoughts on “Old School LEGO”

  1. Awesome. Old school Lego is the best.

    My siter and I had a big box of it when we were kids, and my dad still has it. Same old Lego… same old beat up cardboard box.

    My niece and nephew love playing with it, and it’s one of my favorite things to do with them when visiting there with them.

    I like it so much more than the new lego with all the fancy pre-built components.

  2. Mothman,
    I used to play with these for hours, I’m of course missing a bunch of pieces and the instructions but I can still whip up some old school LEGO fun.

  3. “Holy cow! holy moly! us want to get that lego set mommy! Look at all the guys!” -out of the mouth of my lego obsessed oldest child. Awesome collection! I would buy my child every lego in the world if he could not leave them all over the floor. The kid will sit quietly and build for hours, its a great calming aid. lol. 🙂

  4. Chica,
    Then you probably don’t want to show him my other sets when I work on the LEGO movie for the contest. I have a bunch more that I want to use for the contest. These LEGO pieces are 30 years+ old. Still as awesome as they ever were.

  5. Have you been to Disney Marketplace to see the Lego statues? They even have a Lego family posing for a tourist picture. We might have to buzz over there before you leave O-Town!!

    Mo’s last blog post..oh oh…

  6. Mo,
    I was hoping to have a little time to get over there, I’d like to pick through the LEGO pieces and get a set or something for my miniman movie.

  7. We’ll definitely have to go then…I believe it’s open pretty late. If you can’t make it then I’ll go take pictures of what they have and go back and get your selections for you!!

    Mo’s last blog post..oh oh…

  8. Thanks Rach,
    I wanted to show them all standing around wondering what the heck was gonna be made from that pile. I have such fun with LEGO.

  9. Awesome blog, i really enjoyed reading it.
    When I was a little girl I cannot hide that I used to play alot with Lego aswell with my littlesister. We had like 4 boxes full of all kind of Lego and if I am not very wrong I believe it is still here somewhere in our cellar, maybe I should go look. That did just bring up alot of memories, thank you for sharing, Old School Lego is the best! 😀

  10. Louise,
    I can’t wait to share these with my daughter. I have bought so many of the new sets to keep so that we can play together. But yeah the imagination from the older LEGO toys is best. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog too.

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