Dead to Rights, Arcee
Photo-A-Day #1246

Once in a while I return to my desk and find my transformers in compromising positions. This time I came back to find Arcee in a bad ass action pose. I decided to shoot a macro of this and then play with it in picnik. I made the image more like it was the view screen of an opposing robot, like maybe a Decepticon. I was thinking about Arcee because it looks like she will be making it into the Transformers 2 movie. Here is the original.


Well, I still have to pack, 4:30am will come very quickly tomorrow. Very quickly.

Oh and I made a new Wowzio widget, this time it has some of my favorite Flickr Photographers.

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  1. Thanks Mo, we are up and getting ready to head to the airport in the pouring rain. Hope the weather is better there but with the hurricanes I’m not that optimistic. Or it could be that my parents mention the hurricane in every 3rd sentence.

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