Curly Tails

Curly Tails
Photo-A-Day #1247

Geckos back on the blog, that means that I’m back in Florida. Yes, today started my vacation, a two week, no work, all play vacation!

The day came very early. I couldn’t sleep at all so at 2:30 I got out of bed, spent from 2:30-4:00 watching TV/playing Mario Kart Wii. At 5:00am we headed to the airport. Dad rode along with us to take the car back. We flew Southwest and had an excellent time, quick check in, quick security, we even had our own row. Very good experience.

Eva was great on the plane. She is so well behaved. So many people commented on how good she was. Of course, to us she was a non stop handful. I think I was able to read one page of my book, take Eva play for a while hand her back to Allison. She had a snack trap and enjoyed picking out her puffs. She figured it out very quickly, too.

When we arrived Grandpa Dano was there to pick us up. We headed home, had lunch and then I went over to the pool to officially start my vacation. 2 1/2 hours of music, reading and pool time. It was great. While I was there I watched the curly tail geckos run all over.

Eva received a really nice new toy from Grandpa Dano and Mimi. It is called the Fisher-Price Stack and Roll Cups. They say 6+ months. Eva loves the toy and I enjoyed playing with it too. You can stack the cups, fit them together to roll them, nest them and even count them. They are colorful and fun. Eva found a different place to put them though.

Eva has a new toy

Tomorrow we are headed to the Palm Beach Zoo.

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6 thoughts on “Curly Tails”

  1. I was wondering how she did on a plane, I know I hope to fly with all my boys back east one day, and I always wondered if there ears would hurt like mine, and how well behaved they’d be. Eva gives me hope.. lol

    The time I flew my ears didn’t pop for at least two days after, and it was so bad that I had trouble hearing out of one ear for that time too!

  2. Chica,
    Eva has been flying since 4 months old. Part of the things that that help her is that Allison feeds her as we take off. This keeps her mouth moving to help the ear popping. That has never bothered her though. Your boys are much older so I’d say, make sure they have activity packs with much to do, boredom is the biggest problem with kids on planes.

  3. Thanks for the phone picture and the greeting on Grandparents Day. We had a busy day at Uncle Richard’s for Gramma and Grampa.s 82nd birthday and we missed you. It was a beautiful day, but very hot. Eva looks like she is having fun putting colorful toys in the Sparks family jar. Say hello to everyone and give Eva a kiss for me. No doubt she’ll be close to walking by herself by the time she gets back. Take some movies! Have a great week. Love, Mom

  4. Mom,
    You are welcome. Glad that you had a nice day celebrating Grandma and Grandpa’s birthdays. Our day was also beautiful but hot. We had a very nice time. If she does walk I will video tape it, but I think there is still some time before that.

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