The other side of the glass

The other side of the glass
Photo-A-Day #1251

Today was a lazy day around the house. Eva slept late and that throws things off a bit. She needs the sleep, she’s probably getting taller each night. Plus last night she would not go to sleep until around 10:00pm. She just refused and cried and cried. Finally we tired her out enough so she would sleep.

Marcia had the day off and took Allison shopping. I watched Eva, we read a new book that I picked out and Marcia bought for her. The book is called “Where To, Little Wombat?”. I’ll be writing a review for the book over on Read To Me, Dad later on this week or next.

Speaking of reviews I wrote one about some great barrettes that we received from Maiden America. The review can be found on Read To Me, Dad. Eva has one of them in her hair in today’s photo.

Grandpa Dano’s birthday was today and we took him to Del Ray beach to Cabana for dinner. The dinner was very, very good and tasty. Eva had a great time at the restaurant and Grandpa Dano got to feed her dinner and her puffs and O’s.

After dinner we came home for some birthday chocolate chip cookies and Eva went right down for bed. Here is Eva with Grandpa Dano.

Grandpa Dano's Birthday

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20 thoughts on “The other side of the glass”

  1. Hi Drew, I like the picture of Eva looking out the slider. wish Dan a Happy Birthday from Mom and I.It looks like he is enjoying time with Eva. Take care and enjoy.

  2. Thanks Dad. I tried going outside to take a shot from the other side but it was tinted so I could not. Eva is having a very nice time in Florida and loving all the attention. She is also ready for a great time with Maureen for the next few days.

  3. That first picture is just precious! Eva really is growing up so fast.

    I noticed that barrette, too. Very cute. You know, having someone as cute as Eva modeling their product ought to increase their sales exponentially.

  4. I love love love that picture!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to Dan!!! I’m glad you all had such a nice day:)

    I literally CANNOT wait to see you tomorrow!!!

    Be well!

    Mos last blog post..Bob on TV!!

  5. Anna,
    I think you are right about Eva being a model for products. I take a picture of her with every book I review. Eva sure is growing very fast indeed. I have another photo of her on Read To Me, Dad, too.

  6. I am so sorry that we won’t be at IZEA fest this year. The timing didn’t work out for us. Have fun and do a cake plow for me. Be sure to let “everyone” know you are doing it for your friend Karen. LOL Just kidding. I am jealous of all you who are there.

    Karens last blog post..More Food for Wordless Wednesday

  7. Karen,
    You aren’t going to be here? How did I miss that piece of info. I am going to miss you, I really wanted you to meet Allison and Eva. I’ll do a cake plow for you. So that means I have to do two now. LOL

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I will check into the Flash Error but I don’t use any flash, that I know of, I wonder if it is the wozio badge? I don’t think so though. Glad you like the shot.

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