Woo woo!
Photo-A-Day #1252

Today Allison and I took Eva up from Boyton Beach. We had a great drive up the Florida turnpike in the Ghetto Dodge Avenger. If you caught my Utterz and twitters about it you are missing out. You have to check out Google is Not God or follow my twitter to see it. The car basically has no armrest, it was broken off. I went and bought a sponge in order to tape it to the armrest so we wouldn’t cut up our elbows. Then I used painters tape to attach the sponge to the armrest. It worked pretty well and won’t leave a mark.

The trip up was uneventful. We made one stop at a rest area and had lunch, did a change on Eva and got a snack. Then back into the car and off to the hotel. The Courtyard Marriott here is pretty nice. They gave us two cribs and put our room next to Mo’s room. We relaxed in the room for a while and then got ready to go to the IZEAFest Welcome Party at the Grand Bohemian. Mo arrived around 6:00pm and we gave her the lowdown on Eva. Eva took to her right away, it was awesome.

Allison and I headed down to IZEAFest. We had a great time. We saw so many people and talked with tons of folks. During the night Ted got the table of ladies a round of Woo Woos! I should have cracked up on that because of Ted’s Trademark Wooo! So many cool people to meet here at IZEAFest, I am so excited about the next two days. You can check things out live tomorrow, go to IZEAFEST.com or Blog.izea.com to find out how!

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3 Responses to “Woo woo!”

  1. Karen says:

    Drew, I just finished watching the clip from when you moderated the panel at Izeafest. OMG! You did such a great job. Everyone was relaxed and the questions and answers flowed beautifully. Great job!

  2. Drew says:

    I really appreciate that. I also really wish that you were here too. I’m missing you and so wanted you to meet Allison and Eva. I was so nervous about the panel and even till about 45 minutes after it. Maybe I was riding the high from how much fun it was.

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