Cat Naps

Cat Naps
Photo-A-Day #1256

Today Allison and Eva and I tried to recover a bit from the weekend. We should have all taken naps for most of the day but that did not happen. Instead I went to the pool while Eva napped. Then we went to lunch at a place called Bru’s Room. We had some very tasty Buffalo Wings and homemade chips. We also picked up cards for Eva’s 1st birthday party. We figured we will get those done while we have the time. I can’t believe that she is going to be 1 year old in less than a month.

Anyway a pretty lazy day and I didn’t get done near as much as I wanted to do online. I have pictures to tag and describe. Also posts to write for Wired Kayaker and Read To Me, Dad.

Tomorrow we go to Miami to the Miami Metro Zoo. Should be fun.

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  2. Thanks Loren,
    In addition to my lack of adds I also have a comment policy. Your comment was moderated. I appreciated the comment itself though so I kept it.

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