Go To The Miami Metro Zoo

Go To The Miami Metro Zoo
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Today Allison, Eva and I went with Marcia to the Miami Metro Zoo. Here is where our Capron Park Zoo Family membership came in handy. We got free admission for 3 adults. It is so worth it to have this membership we’ve already had it pay for itself many times over.

It was hot, really hot all day but the nice thing was that because it was a Tuesday the park was pretty empty. No crowds, no lines, nothing but our enjoyment of the animals. The walk around the park is a 3 mile loop and there are many ways in which to go from place to place. You can use the monorail, the tram or you can even rent surreys. Surrey’s are bikes that you can pedal with one other person 3 other people or even 5 other people. There are even seats on the front for young children. I look forward to going back on another trip with Eva because we’re gonna rent those.

The Miami Metro Zoo has an amazing variety of animals in the zoo. The animals have some wonderful habitats in which to roam as well. The Tiger enclosure itself is one of my favorite places in the park, there are three tigers and one of them is a white tiger. They are so beautiful. The park map says that there are over 400 animals and that is right everywhere you look there are some beautiful animals in the park.

I would recommend anyone who was looking for a great place to go to see a wide variety of animals to no miss the Miami Metro Zoo. I took a ton of pictures and need to go through them to figure out which ones I will post tomorrow. In the meantime I did pick a few I liked.

Clouded Leopard
Clouded Leopard

Ladies at the Zoo
Marcia, Eva and Allison

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