Christmas is over.... - PAD #1003

Today was Epiphany and the feast of the Three Magi. We celebrated Little Christmas today as well. After church this morning we had a nice brunch with my parents and Tara and Erik. We missed Shelby being home, too. We had meat pie and quiche because today was La Petite Noel or Little Christmas. This is a family tradition where the tree stays up till the 6th and we have a nice meal and my parent’s give us some small gifts. There were a couple of gifts left over from Christmas that Eva had not opened because she got fussy. One was a teething ring/photo album from Little Einsteins. I have to bring it back to Target however as there is a slice across the front that I didn’t notice when I bought it. The other Gift that we had left over and unopened was a set of alphabet blocks from Mimi and Grandpa Dano. Eva is going to have so much fun with them as she learns her letters.

Later in the day we went for a nice long walk. Eva got all bundled up in her sleeper and in the baby sling, she started out facing forward but quickly fell asleep so we switched her to face inward.

After that Allison and I relaxed and watched all (two episodes) but the last episode of season 4 of Smallville. I picked up season 6 the other day. I have no idea what we are gonna do when we actually catch back up to where the show is at the present time.

Tonight we had a very nice beef stew with my parent’s, Tara, Erik and Mike. Then we had our Little Christmas. I took a bunch of photos and wanted to capture the end of Christmas as well as one of my favorite Christmas decorations, The White Porcelain Tree. It made for some nice shots especially the motion one.

The White Porcelain Tree Macro Lights Blur of Light Learning blocks from Mimi

I have noticed a large increase of traffic from Entrecard as well as people who use Entrecard who are linking to me from their blogs. Here are a few folks. Chris Brandrick just got a new D40 for his 21st and will start taking photos. He mentioned my Photo-A-Day on his blog. Widgets Lab discovered Utterz because of my blog. How very cool. And Lad Madrigal started his own Photo-A-Day, no link love but that is okay because he comments a lot. Oh and a non-Entrecard bit of link love came from Jenn who wrote “Danthorn’s Conquest” on her creative writing blog. I supplied her with a theme and a character name and she wrote an original story.

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10 Responses to “Christmas is over… – PAD #1003”

  1. Chica says:

    I really like that motion one too, cool. 🙂

  2. Marjie says:

    You know what’s funny, most people don’t even know what today is, nor do they know the “3 kings” holiday existed. I think it’s been set asside for most of the importance of today. But hey, to those who know it, to you especially, Happy 3 kings 😉

  3. Dad (Grandfather) says:

    Drew,glad that you enjoy tradition. Mom and I had a wonderful day spending time with Eva, Allison, You, Tara, Erik, and Mike.(wish Shelby could have been here.) We are going to have a hard time taking down the tree. We have very much enjoyed the holidays.

  4. Drew says:

    Hey Chica, I thought that one would catch your eye. Your motion and light images are very cool, thought you would enjoy mine.

  5. Drew says:

    I grew up living across the street from a church, no religious holiday gets past us. Little Christmas has always been a nice tradition for us. I like the story of the 3 kings but I also like the story of the 4th wiseman. I think it was a movie. Or at least a short story I read once.

  6. Drew says:

    I think Mom will have a pretty hard time as she loves to talk with Eva near the tree and Eva really enjoys the lights. We still have to take her tree down too. It would have been nice if Shelby was home as well. Next year.

  7. lad madrigal says:

    only few people nowadays are still recognizing the celebration for the three kings. and im glad youre one of them.

    Added yo on my blogroll Drew. and posted my second photo a day photo haha.

  8. Drew says:

    Thanks, Just razzing you, I do wish you good luck on the Photo-A-Day endeavor.

  9. Drew says:

    Thanks David, I see you friended me on Blog Catalog. I friended you right back. You have some excellent photos, please come back anytime.

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