10 Mile River Paddle

This morning I met up with Keith Gonsalves from the Ten Mile River Watershed Council and Bill from RICKA. Both guys know a lot about the rivers in Rhode Island. The three of us paddled up river to Hunt’s Mill in East Providence. Did you know that there is 44 acres of forest and park land that is right in East Providence. And anyone can go and have a nice picnic or kayak or hike there? I didn’t and now I do.

We paddled, jokes and I filmed much of the trip. I’m going to be compiling the video for a future Wired Kayaker podcast so be on the lookout, in the meantime you can see the photos that I took from the day. They are part of my Wired Kayaker Flickr Set The image above is the map that my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr made, it was pretty accurate too. Click on it for a larger image.

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  1. Comox Valley says:

    Great site. I often think about getting a GPS trackstick for to map my travels, but never thought of it for kayaking – although I don’t really kayak all that often.

    Just bought my first boat, a Necky Manitou – quite like it, but still very new in the sport.

  2. BenSpark says:

    I’d certainly get a gps for kayaking, they are great to have and you can review exactly where you have been.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Like your site! Always wanted to go Kayaking, matter of fact I live about 3 miles from a company that makes kayak’s. Next time I go by I’ll look to see the type and let you know.

  4. BenSpark says:

    Thanks. You should go see if the company ever has any demo days. And if they want someone to demo their boats they can always send me one. 🙂

  5. Bernhard says:

    Occasionally I look here by and read the interesting and well written contributions. Today I would like to leave gladly a greeting from Thuringia in Germany!

  6. BenSpark says:

    Thanks Bernard. Glad you like the blog.

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