By Drew Bennett

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  • Blaze and the Monster Machines App

    Blaze and the Monster Machines is one of my son’s favorite shows. So, when we were asked to review a new app for Blaze and the Monster Machines we were very excited to try it. We received a download code so that we could play with and review the app. Opinions are 100% my own.

    The game is essentially a simple driving game but reinforces the concepts of acceleration, adhesion, force and friction. We’ve watched all of the episodes of the show so far and many times over, I might add. There are some good concepts being taught here and seeing them in the game as well is a good supplement to the curriculum of the show. Andrew picked up the game quickly. He played through many of the tracks and then he started to create his own tracks. He refused to let me help him build any of the tracks so they were all pretty much “L’s” He’s drag his finger downward and then across. Then he’d stick on the different hazards and power ups. I may try and make him a few tracks next time before I give him the iPad.

    The game has nice graphics, the voices of the characters and a lot of the fun that makes Blaze a good show. There are some more details below. read more!

  • Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover

    Eva and I have been playing Club Penguin together for a while. We were provided with a membership so that we could play the game and review it and promote it. We’ve played when Frozen took over Club Penguin and now it is very exciting to see that Star Wars Rebels takes over Club Penguin. We’ve been watching Star Wars Rebels together and love the show. Eva is a huge fan of characters like Hera and Sabine. I like Zeb and Kanan. We’re excited to play Club Penguin and earn a lightsaber. We now have the game on my phone and on Eva’s tablet. Check out more information about this takeover in the press release below.

    Star Wars Rebels Takeover of Club Penguin read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3577

    I received a great package from the Imagelogger program the other day. I received an 85mm lens and a flash and also a camera strap and a battery charger. A great package of cool things. I got my chance to use the lens today on my NX1. The image isn’t really of anything too amazing but I love the sharpness of the image. There is so much depth of field that you cannot even tell that there is a light switch on the wall going up the stairs. I can’t wait to use this even more.


  • Photo-A-Day #3576

    I’m a couple of days late on this one. I received my Loot Crate for January on the 20th and haven’t had a chance to thoroughly explore it. It was full of some very cool retro items.

    The big item inside was an exclusive Voltron T-Shirt. This blueprint looking shirt with the Lion Voltron on it is exclusive to Loot Crate members. There was also a Retro Arcade Skinny Tie from Black Tie Geek. It has space invaders on it. I love little toys and figures and this time around was a 10-Doh! figure. I didn’t get the rare gold one but I did get a Dr. Who one. Each of these figures looks like an old NES cartridge but has arms and legs. They even have the NES Zapper to hold. I would have LOVED to get the Fire Hunt one which was a take on Firefly and Duck Hunt. Very cool.

    The crate also contained a very special Loot Crate variant cover of the new Star Wars comic book from Marvel. It features Han and Chewy smuggling some special crates across the galaxy.

    Also included was a cool little book. It is the Comic Note Book. This is a tiny blank comic book. with stencils for word balloons. This was from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild. I think I may pick up another one of these for Eva. She likes to draw.

    The box was once again super cool. This time the box was a Nintendo Entertainment System and part of the mini magazine pops out to make a controller. I love it.


  • Photo-A-Day #3575

    went to IKEA today with Andrew and Uncle Mike. That was after Dad came over to help us get Andrew’s new mattress. We got a bed frame from Allison’s grandparents and it has been in the garage for a while. It was time for Andrew to get his own bed. We’ve had the IKEA crib/toddler bed for the past 7 years and it has served us well for both kids. Now it is time for retirement.

    After a nice breakfast with Dad at Morin’s we went to Bob’s Discount Furniture where I had purchased a mattress and foundation for Andrew the day before. I was planning on getting the mattress from Big Lots but changed to Bob’s. ad remembered me saying Big Lots so he went there and I went to Bob’s. We got it worked out in plenty of time because the place didn’t open till 10am.

    We got the mattress and foundation into the house to air out. Then Andrew and I caught up with Uncle Mike and drove to IKEA. I had to return something. It was a fairly short trip but we did have lunch there and walked a little bit through the downstairs. I bought Andrew some under the bed storage, only to find out later that there is such a low clearance on this bed that these under the bed storage items won’t fit, under the bed. We also bought some alphabet cookies (I was really expecting more umlauts.)