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  • Cars 3 Racing ImageSome of my friends got to see Lightning McQueen up close and personal at the Detroit Auto Show. They even got to learn more about the upcoming movie, Cars 3. I’m a bit jealous because I am really looking forward to this film. I loved the first Cars movie, was a bit turned off to the second one but think that there will be a return to greatness in the third installment. It already has captured my attention with that very first teaser video of McQueen’s horrible crash. What will happen after that? Maybe this extended look will answer some questions.

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    CARS 3 opens in theatres everywhere on June 16th!

  • DreamWorks TrollhuntersNetflix is so great about making their special mashups. This one of Stranger Things, a great 80’s throwback show that is super addictive and creepy and fun crossed with Trollhunters which is emotional exciting and visually beautiful is brilliant! I loved both shows so much. Their first seasons were excellent. I watched Stranger Things on my own but watched Trollhunters with Allison and the kids. It was so tough to watch the final episode of Season one. It was crushing for the kids. There was some major comforting moments to be had after viewing. It was that good and hit that hard. You have to check out this mashup especially after watching both shows.

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  • My StoryGif

    The other day I received a download code to try out the new PEANUTS StoryGIF app from Zoobe. It is cute. You can quickly pull together existing PEANUTS themed gifs and string them together to tell a story. then you can share them with your friends and family via messaging apps. It is great for those days when you are feeling your most Charlie Brownish. Or maybe things are awesome and you have the excitement and energy of Snoopy. You can express those feelings in cute little gifs with your favorite PEANUTS characters. I’ve made a couple and they are a lot of fun. You can learn more about the app and also download it below. read more!

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Photo-A-Day #4295

    The other day I watched the Nintendo Press Conference regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform. The coolest bit of news to me that came out of the conference other than the Switch itself was that Skylanders Imaginators was going to be launched for the platform and it will have some interesting new features. I decided that I would incorporate the information I had about the Switch and Skylanders Imaginators with my unboxing of the PS4 Starter Pack with Crash Bandicoot.

    I bought the PS4 Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack because it has Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex in it and also a regular Golden Queen and regular King Pen. I received the Dark Edition for the Wii U from Activision when the game launched. However, I still wanted regular versions of the characters. I got the game for a good price so I bought it. I also bough the The Enchanted Elven Forest Adventure Pack with Master Boom Bloom. Here is my Unboxing of those sets.

    The Nintendo Switch system will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017 at a suggested retail price of $299.99 in the United States. While Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch won’t launch the exact same date there will be new Skylanders Imaginators hitting stores in March. We will soon see Grave Clobber and Wildstorm. That will be awesome. check out the full press release below. read more!

  • Monster Trucks

    The concept of the movie Monster Trucks is a bit odd but from what I’ve seen of the clips, it works for me. Strangely, I am excited to see this movie. It is about a strange subterranean creature who come up to the surface and becomes the engine for a kid’s car. That is a crazy enough idea that it just might work. Add to it that the vehicle is a large truck and you have Monster Trucks. I have a bunch of clips and new details about the movie along with games, apps and printables. So, Read on! read more!

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