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  • On the first day of Spring Break for Eva we went for a fun family walk around the La Salette Shrine trails. We decided to do the long loop, the Oak Forest Loop. For the most part the kids were good for this walk. Andrew was melty and tired so he was a bit cranky and didn’t want Allison to carry him and then he did and he wanted nothing to do with me at all. Eva put on her cruise director hat and decided that she was the tour guide who knew everything about the trail. I appreciate that she is so independently spirited and smart but sometimes I just want to walk in the woods. read more!

  • Wearing the Metra Diaper Bag

    I was sent a J J Cole Collections Metra diaper bag to try out and review. Opinions of the bag are 100% my own.

    Off the bat I am not one to take a lot of clutter with me. When I’m going on an outing with my son then I take just what we need and that’s it. Our other diaper bag is full of things that we may occasionally need but the Metra bag was for me so I loaded it just with the things that I felt I needed for a quick trip to the park or the zoo. So basically some diapers, wipes, sippy cup and snack trap plus my camera. I could fit way more stuff in the bag but I didn’t need it. read more!

  • This morning was Easter Sunday. I came right from work to meet up with the family at Church. That was after I stopped to pick up some Easter donuts including some Peeps ones from Dunkin Donuts. read more!

  • OMG the Glitter Trap

    We received a copy of OMG: The Glitter Trap to read and review. Opinions of the book are 100% our own.

    Last month Eva and I read the book OMG: The Magic Mistake and we loved it. The book was funny and exciting and full of silliness. We laughed as we read each chapter together. We liked it so much that we were sent the next book, which was actually book 1 of the series. We read the books out of order but it did not diminish our enjoyment of the second book and it did not spoil the first book for us, either. read more!

  • Occasionally I get asked if I ever miss a day in my Photo-A-Day project. I have never missed a day but I have taken a few last minute shots. Today was a last minute shot.

    I did a review last week about Todd McFarlane’s Rabbids. They are all sitting on my desk at work.


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