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  • This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FoodAwakens #CollectiveBias. Also, I am restricted to only using the term Star Wars™ to talk about the movies and this recipe, so I’ll be using some replacement words, this does not in any way mean that I do not have extensive knowledge of the entire Star Wars™ franchise.

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    I was excited to be selected for this particular shop because I am a big fan of Star Wars™. We have slowly been introducing each of the movies to the kids. They actually started with one of the cartoons about some defiant characters in the Star Wars™ universe. We then watched the first movie to ever come out for Star Wars™ and it is one that Eva wanted to watch over and over. Since then we moved on to the one about the Retribution of the Stygian Dynasty and then the Second Coming of the Peacekeeping Space Knight. Then we jumped backwards in time to watch the first of the prequel movies The Ghost Spirit that Causes Trouble. And this Halloween Eva and I went as Star Wars™ characters. I was the relentless pursuer of the pilot scoundrel with a heart of gold and Eva was a defiant artist and demolitions expert. To round out our love of all things Star Wars™ we all enjoy the various toys and I even have a huge collection of sealed in the box interlocking brick toys to share with the kids in a few years. I think this made me uniquely qualified to do this fun shop. read more!

  • Snoopy's Grand Adventure

    I was provided with a digital download code for the new Activision game, Snoopy’s Grand Adventure for Wii U. Andrew and I played this game together and these are our honest opinions of the game.

    A few weeks ago I took Andrew to a press screening of The Peanuts Movie. A week after that I took Eva to see the Peanuts movie. We loved it and I found it funny both times. I like the 3D style of the movie, it captured the 2D style of the comic strip so well. This game also captures the spirit of the peanuts well. Here is a trailer of the game.

    The gameplay is cute and fun. You take control of Snoopy as he goes to find all of the Peanuts gang. Along the way he can be joined by Woodstock (the second player). Snoopy has to gather a certain amount of jelly beans and also the whole Beagle Scouts troop.

    Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts

    While you play as Snoopy you can jump or climb and then do even more as you discover different outfits for Snoopy. When he is in his Beagle Scout uniform he can climb vines. When is simply Snoopy he can jump. There are some dangerous animals around and Snoopy can disable them by jumping on them. This knocks them out for a moment and then they get back up. Woodstock can also make the bad guys. So, it is perfect for all ages.

    More about the game below. read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3879

    Happy 4th Birthday Andrew

    Today was Andrew’s fourth birthday. Our sweet and caring little boy is getting older and he was way more into the whole birthday thing. He changed his idea for a theme over and over. It was robots, LEGO, and then pirates. I was in charge of activities for the kids and I found some fun sticker books where the kids could make faces. There were princess, dinosaur and pirate ones. The kids enjoyed playing with those and then all the other toys in the living room. Rescue Bots and the Hess Toy Truck were big hits.

    Making Faces

    We had my parents, Uncle Mike and Jess, Uncle Nate and Colin, Holly, Rose and Noah and Andrew was so excited for everyone to meet his friend Calin and his mom and dad. Andrew wanted to have Cheez-Its, Sunflower seeds, and Pretzels for everyone to snack on. Then we got some pizza from Eli’s. Andrew was so excited to have everyone over. He was most excited when the cake came out and he got to blow out the candles. Allison made a delicious “marvel” cake and decorated it with a pirate sword and fish candles.

    Andrew's Birthday Cake

    Andrew was also very sweet about opening his gifts. He was very grateful for everything that he received. We should have had a Blaze and the Monster Machines themed birthday because that was the dominant toy that he received. Of course that was what I told everyone he wanted because we watch that show often. It will be fun to play with those toys together. It was a great party and we are so lucky to have such a sweet boy and kind generous family and friends.

  • The Finest Hours

    There are people in our lives who are determined to do good. Do you know someoen like that? Someone who has shown unwavering determination to do good by helping you? You can tell your story about this person. Submit a photo of the person you know at THE FINEST HOUR’s Tumblr page ( and share your finest hour story in 100 words or less of how this person demonstrated courage by helping you for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii!

    Also, check out this new featurette about the movie that includes some of the actual men who were part of the daring rescue.

    THE FINEST HOURS opens in theatres everywhere on January 29th, 2016! read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3878

    The Kids loving the 80s themed box from Netflix

    The Bedtime Staller. The kid who comes down the stairs over and over to try and stay up just a few minutes longer. Luckily we don’t have too much trouble with the kids going to sleep, but we now have a new tool in our arsenal of stall tactic stoppers. As a member of the Netflix StreamTeam I get access to everything on Netflix plus get informed about some great things that are available for everyone to enjoy. A few months ago Netflix came out with the excellent show, DinoTrux and this month to help parents with the bedtime staller Netflix has created some Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. This way you can tell your child that they can watch an entire Dinotrux show before they go to bed. That show is an entire 5 minutes. read more!