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  • Hot Wheels from Andrew
    Photo-A-Day #4085

    Andrew was so happy to pick out this Hot Wheels car for me for Father’s Day. Allison and the kids put together a special package for me that included the Hot Wheels car, a Funko Pop Puzzle and special mini figure, a Star Wars puzzle and a fun Avengers/Peanuts mashup tshirt. Both kids also made me some nice cards. They also made me a steak tip dinner and a make your own sundae for dessert. It was a very nice evening which was cut short by having to sleep all day and having to go to work. They even took out all the trash. That is a gift in itself.

  • oddsquad

    ODD SQUAD is changing. I learned about this at the PBS Annual Meeting. The agents that we know and love, Olive and Otto are getting a promotion and moving on to run ODD SQUAD branches of their very own. Not only will season two feature some new cast members but it will also have the very first ODD SQUAD movie with a whole new problem…. Adults. Adults in the form of Weird Team. The movie sounds like a lot of fun and Weird Team is fronted by Jack McBrayer and Hannah Simone so that should be very funny. The press release below gives you all the detail on the new season and the upcoming movie. I know that the kids are going to want to watch this! read more!

  • Express Their Awesome

    When I was at Dad 2.0 I told LEGO a Dad Truth about parenting my kids. LEGO has made a new site called LEGODad. They took what I said and made the image above.

  • Dory

    The newest Pixar movie, Finding Dory has made a splash in theaters this weekend. We have not been able to go and see it yet but we hope to do so soon. I’ve heard many wonderful things about the movie and we are fans of the original. I know that the kids will love going to see this one, too. I like Ed O’Neil and he’s the voice of Hank the seven legged octopus. So, since we won’t be seeing it this weekend I do have some activity sheets for you to use in the meantime. Below are two of them, just click the images to downoad and I have a couple of other posts, one with Finding Dory Coloring Pages and one with other Finding Dory Activities.

    Finding Dory Pet Fish
    Finding Dory Kelp Tree

    read more!

  • I love that Netflix creates some very funny videos. Their latest one has to do with the new Voltron cartoon and the rise of Brotrons. Adult enthusiasts of Voltron. It is a really tongue-in-cheek spoof type video that is very funny. I don’t think that Voltron will give rise to a Brotron culture in teh same way that there is a Brony culture (adult enthusiasts of My Little Pony). Both shows can be found on Netflix. Check out the video.

    I’m not sure how many of the statistics are actually real in the video but I do know that I binged the entire season of Voltron before I watched it again with my kids. I am really glad that they enjoy the show, too.

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