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  • All Five Classic Voltron Lions

    I received some incredibly exciting Voltron news yesterday. Netflix has a special series called Voltron ’84 and it is great to see those classic shows with new intros by the current cast and creators of Voltron Legendary Defender. We love Voltron Legendary Defender in our home and I’ve even got the kids to check out the classic show because of it. But as of now they haven’t been able to play with or even see the classic Voltron lions because, well, I never had any. Of all the great toys and games of the 80’s I was in the Transformers camp and therefore not in the Voltron camp and so I never had those toys. Much of this had to do with how the TV stations were set up in that time. Yes, there was a time before cable TV and you had to be close enough to a station to get the signal and so we did not get the signal for the channel that had Voltron at my home. I could only see it at my cousins’ house. So I barely ever saw the show. It is hard to have a huge connection with a show if you only get to see it every couple of months and not even full episodes. But, that all changes in January!!

    This January stores will begin carrying the Voltron Classic ’84 Legendary Lions! They lions look spectacular and I cannot wait to see them and play with them. What’s more I really want to be able to form the classic Voltron in all his 16″ glory!

    Classic Voltron Assembled

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  • Tracer Racers
    Photo-A-Day #4626

    We received the MAX TRAXXX Infinity Loop Set for free to play with and review. These are our honest opinions. We also have a link to buy this set and others through our affiliate link at the end of this review.

    When I was a kid I had a race track set. It was that hard plastic that snapped together and the cars sat on the trace with a little pin that fit into the slot of the car’s track. You used these trigger remotes to make the cars go. You could also make the track into a couple of different designs but the best was always the crazy eight. My track did not have a loop but I loved playing with the cars. You had to have some skill, however or the cars would go flying off the track at high speeds. I don’t think I’ve been able to find a car racing set that doesn’t do that. But that is okay, crashes are a bit of the fun. R/C Car racing has come a long way in that time and now with the MAX TRAXXX Tracer Racers from Skullduggery, Inc. you can have incredible looking night races!

    The set that we received to review is the Max Traxxx R/C Award Winning Tracer Racers High Speed Remote Control Infinity Loop Track Set, which has been Skullduggery’s #1 Amazon product! It retails for $119.97 ad is for ages 6 and up. There are many great features to this set and I want to highlight a few of them for you. I have mentioned them in our video below which I hope that you watch.

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  • Kids at La Salette
    Photo-A-Day #4625

    We made a last minute decision to head over to LaSalette Shrine to see the lights tonight. When Allison and the kids came home from school we weren’t in the mood to make anything for dinner so we decided that we’d do our annual La Salette trip. We got there right before the lights went on. We left in such a hurry, however that both Allison and I left our wallets at home. That was unfortunate because we were going to go to Bliss for dinner. So, while Allison and the kids walked through the Nativity sets I ran home for the wallet. Luckily for us we live right around the corner from La Salette.

    We enjoyed the lights very much. As we walked around the pond Eva and Allison took turns reading the Christmas Alphabet signs. Eva did a really good job considering that they were all in a cursive script. Andrew even helped out a little. It wasn’t too cold, but it had snowed the day before and so a few places were closed. Mostly spots with steps.

    After our trek around the shrine we went to Bliss for dinner. Out annual post La Salette meal was a good one. Although my order came out first messed up but went back and was fixed. I do love their burgers. I had been getting the Bliss Specials for years but now they have a Blue Cheese burger and I like that even more. And, of course, this is the one day during the Winter that we have ice cream.

  • Snowblowing
    Photo-A-Day #4624

    A nice thing about working overnights when it snows is that in the early morning the roads have been cleared up. Then there is the snow on the trees and the ground. It was a very light snow and it mostly melted on the driveway and roads. The clouds overhead were thick but the sky beyond was nice and blue. When I arrived at my parents’ house I noticed that the driveway wasn’t cleared so I parked on the street. I was a bit sleepy and closed my eyes for a bit. I noticed that my dad was out snowblowing the driveway. I moved my car into the driveway. When I got out I saw the arc of the snow flying through the air while the sun came down through the clouds and lit it up really nice. I didn’t get the exact photo that I wanted but I was able to capture some light flare and the snow flying through the air. Mornings like that have great light.

    After Church we visited with my parents and then went to pick out our Christmas tree at Attleboro Farms. The tree selection was pretty small. We got a fairly small one and Eva was not happy about it. I kinda feel like Linus and want to tell her that is isn’t a bad little tree. Dad and I set the tree up and then I slept for the day.

    We had one of Allison’s friends over for dinner. Andrew had fun with a new audience and he was charming and cute but a bit over excited. Then it was off to work.

  • Time for Snow
    Photo-A-Day #4623

    The first snow of this winter is upon us. I came home from work today and got the snowblower out of Joanie’s shed. It is her snowblower but I take care of the two houses. It had been back in her shed for the year and it was time to take it back out. I filled up the air in the tires and then filled it with gas and started it right up. I was ready in case the snow was too terrible when I woke up.

    It turns out that the snow was only about an inch or two high when I woke up so I just went into work. However, because there was snow I ended up getting to work at a different building. It is much closer to home and way nicer. I wish I worked out of here all the time.


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