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  • LEGO Dimensions
    Photo-A-Day #4151

    Both the LEGO Dimensions and New Nintendo 3DS XL are prizes from contests.

    Today we used our Christmas gift from my sister, Shelby and Tim. It was babysitting for an afternoon so that Allison and I could go for a meal and a movie. They even gave us gift cards for the meal and movie. We opted for going to the Framingham AMC Fork and Dine, or something like that. It is a movie theater where you can eat meals while you watch the movies. You pick out the seats that you want, the seat recline with footrests, too. Adult beverages and Sushi are on the menu. The sushi was okay but I wouldn’t get it again because it smelled like soy sauce the entire time. We saw Bad Moms and it was a pretty funny movie, that then brings you back around for a moral. We enjoyed it.

    We picked the kids up and were contemplating taking them to the drive in to see The Secret Life of Pets, but it was too early and Andrew was being a complete “n-uuh-dge”, what we call him when he’s being a complete pain in the butt. The kids had had a great time with their cousins and of course didn’t want to leave. Eva even got to make cookies for everyone and so she was in her glory. We were all tired so we just went home instead of one more late night thing.

    When we came home my new Nintendo 3DS XL had arrived. I won it from a Twitter contest from the 3DS Kid For A Day even we went to last Friday night. We then decided what we would do for the night. We opted to open the LEGO Dimensions Wii U game that I had won from Blogger Bash a few months ago. We went through the first part of the game and Andrew and I built The LEGO Gateway. I can’t seem to remember calling it that when I talk about it. I better get my language down properly for it. We played through the first level, the Wizard of Oz level and it was fun. We found out that the other controller was dead and need charging so it was me playing the game, next time one of the kids can come along. Our video today has a comparison of the Nintendo 3DS XL and the New Nintendo 3DS XL as well as a few other things.

  • Review: Zuru Micro Boats Racing Track - Shark Attack Challenge
    Photo-A-Day #4150

    We received a bunch of Zuru Micro Boats and the Zuru Micro Boats Racing Track – Shark Attack Challenge for free to play with and give an honest review. Opinions are 100% our own.

    A while back, before I went to Blogger Bash and Sweet Suite, I saw the Zuru Micro Boats at Target. I thought, those would be fantastic for Andrew to play with in the bathtub. I had to see who made them and get a contact so I could review them. Then I forgot about that. I went to Sweet Suite and saw the Micro Boats Racing Track – Shark Attack Challenge being demonstrated and I needed to review them. They were so cool.

    The racetrack impressed me the most. I was interested to see if it would keep the water in the track. I was pleasantly surprised that water stayed in without any problem. I was even about to move the whole thing, full of water, from one room to the other. It stayed together.

    the boats look great, they have awesome colors and they are fast. Occasionally they are a bit wonky but they do work pretty well. When the boats hit a wall they go backwards a little and then go forward, this lets the boats go all around without getting stuck.

    Individual boats go for $5.98 – $7.99 and the track goes for $24.99. You can see what we though of it further in today’s vlog.

  • Enjoying a Turkey Leg at King Richard's Faire

    My family and I have been attending King Richard’s Faire as guests of the Faire for a few years now. We always have a fantastic time. I’d like to share that fun with my readers. So, I have been given the opportunity to give away 3 Family 4-Packs of King Richard’s Faire tickets for a weekend in September. Please enter through the Rafflecopter app below.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Find out more about King Richard’s Faire below. read more!

  • Unboxing the Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box
    Photo-A-Day #4149

    My Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man box arrived today. I was really pleased with what was inside the box. I liked it way more than I liked the Marvel Collector Corps Year One box. That box was a bit of a disappointment. While the card inside the Spider-Man box said that one item was the first in a Collector Corps Box it was actually not, the Year One box had one of these items first. I address that in the video below.

    read more!

  • All Charged up thanks to GoBuddy

    It has been over a month since I came home from Blogger Bash. It has been a month since I lost my iPad charger and cable. Luckily, I received a GoBuddy+ from Kanex while at Blogger Bash. My charging problems were solved. Not only my day-to-day charging but my on the go charging as well. The GoBuddy+ is light and easy to carry, it not only has a bottle opener but a caribiner clip for keys so no matter where you go you have a charging cable for your iPhone or iPad. read more!

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