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  • Marvel Collector Corps First Appearance Avengers
    Photo-A-Day #4511

    My Mavel Collector Corps – First Appearance Avengers box arrived yesterday. But today I got a chance to unbox it. I also mentioned that I received a copy of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Blu-ray Combo Pack. I’ll be making a blog post review of that before the pack is released on Tuesday. You can already get the movie on Digital but if you have a 4K TV then you can get a pretty awesome pack that is 4K. I know that James Gunn really lobbied for that.

    As far as the Marvel Collector Corps I enjoyed this box but thought that it should have at least had a comic inside. I think the exclusive comics are great and they give Marvel a way to introduce fans to new comic series. I think it would have made sense to have a comic like 1,000,000 B.C. Avengers. That would have made a lot of sense to go with the theme. I guess it makes sense in my mind at least. The box was a decent one and I have a whole unboxing video below.

  • Lunch at Snappy Dogs
    Photo-A-Day #4510

    I took the kids up to Hopkinton to to have lunch at Snappy Dogs. Last weekend was my Company Picnic and I had been thinking about making a hot dog and topping it with some corn on the cob and lobster. I took a photo of it and tagged my friends at Snappy Dogs. They commented and told me that today they were having a special dog called the Surf and Turf Dog which would have Lobster Mac and Cheese on it. Well, I had to make sure that I got there to try it out.

    Today also happened to be a day when Allison was working so I had the kids and so the three of us headed to get those dogs. Andrew likes Mac and Cheese and so he wanted one of the specials. He did not want the lobster, though. I picked out most of it for him and had it for myself. We both agreed that it was a really tasty hot dog. I liked the combination a lot. Snappy Dogs always comes up with something interesting on Fridays.

  • Form Sword
    Photo-A-Day #4509

    We received a package of new Voltron Metal Defender series toys from Playmates Toys to play with and review. These are my opinions alone.

    I have to admit, I was walking the aisle of Target and saw that there were these new Metal Defender Voltron lions out for sale. These were diecast metal lions that combine to for Voltron. I saw that there was a set with all five of the lions together and so I asked my contact at Playmates Toys if I could get one to review. I did not get that one, instead I got a box that had all five individual lions in separate boxes. This was perfect! I was super excited wen I got home and they were there. These were the Voltron Toys I’d been waiting to see made. These lions work together to form an 8 inch Voltron. You can see how they all go together in my video below and then I have some photos of each lion and Voltron below.

    read more!

  • Dinotrux Road Trip

    The amazing children’s series, Dinotrux is back for season 5 and things are just getting better and better. After building an epic bridge and fending off D-Structs and his crew of bad guys once again, all is well in the crater, and the Dinotrux are back to their daily builds and wild adventures. But when an enormous threat hits the valley, the Dinotrux must put their differences aside and work together with D-Structs to protect their home and all of their neighbors. The all-new 5th Season of DINOTRUX premieres tomorrow only on Netflix! Take a look at a clip below. It looks like their Road Trip is going to be interrupted by some baddies.

    And Speaking of Road Trips, you can download the Road Trip checklist by clicking the image above. A great game that kids can play to pass the time on a long car trip.

  • a girls soccer team that loves to compete in their Princess dresses

    I know that there are people who will disagree with me but I like Disney Princesses. I’ve raised my daughter on the movies and the toys and the stories. I have been fortunate to live in a time where there are more Disney Princesses who are empowered, strong and smart. There is a program right now that is a collaboration between Disney, The United Nations Girl Up Foundation and 19 female photographers who have been capturing powerful images showcasing real-world women and girls who have been inspired by the Princesses. The image above is of a girls soccer team that likes to play in princess dresses. How cool is that!

    You can see a sample of the photos below, which range from a young entrepreneur who created a STEM book about girls coding, to a girls soccer team that loves to compete in their Princess dresses, to the first female elephant keepers in Kenya, to a Paralympic fencing champion in Japan, and more. read more!

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