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  • Photo-A-Day #3697

    I’ve got some mixed feelings about this month’s UNITE Loot Crate. On the one hand there is a ton of great stuff packed into the crate and the crate itself converts into a team locker room with a whole bunch of fun extras. I love it when the box can be displayed and this is one of the best so far. The best will always be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lair one but this is very cool. I decided that I would put together a team of five super heroes from my collection of toys from my desk at work to Unite my own team.

    I chose my Honesty special edition red figure from I Am Elemental as the team leaders. Since there is no backstory for this character I can make one up and make her the ultimate leader on par with someone inspiring like Captain America. She will need some major leadership skills to wrangle team members like Rocket Raccoon and Spider-Man. I now realize that I chose two Marvel based characters. I probably should have thrown in a DC one for good measure. Donatello has always been my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and he’ll provide the team tech support. Soundwave is your rogue element. In this team I see him as a Decepticon who has lost his taste for evil and is looking to change. Why? I don’t really have a compelling reason but it might be interesting.

    Inside the crate was a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers T-Shirt and if it wasn’t for that series the shirt would be really, really cool. I’m not a fan but then again you can’t be a fan of everything. I’m also not that familiar with Bravest Warriors and there is a special edition comic in the box as well. I’ll give it a shot. I am also unfamiliar with Rick and Morty but a Puzzle is a puzzle. There was a set of pins for Team Fortress, another property I have no clue about. I’m on the fence about MAD Magazine but I’m leaning toward liking it. I used to see these occasionally as a kid but was never into them. So that is why I am on the fence, so many things this time around that I’m not really into, but then there was a Marvel Avengers Window Decal and some shoelaces and also a Marvel themed Ice Cube Tray. There is even a contest around the Ice Cube Tray which should be fun.

    While the stuff I like doesn’t outweigh the stuff I could care less about it was still a decent crate.


  • Photo-A-Day #3696

    Today was a half day for Eva and so after school we picked her up and took her to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I knew that today would be a tough day for her and wanted to help take her mind off Oliver for a bit. When we pulled up and Eva immediately thanked me for taking them because she had been so sad.

    We got there and ordered some food. The kids started playing the games and winning tickets. For every single ticket that Andrew won he ran back to me waving the ticket in the air. No matter how many tickets he won he still ran back waving his ticket. It was pretty adorable. So I set my camera to make it ready for his joyful runs back to me for more tokens. read more!


  • Photo-A-Day #3695

    Today we said goodbye to our cat, Oliver. Oliver was the reason why we adopted him and his brother Duncan. Oliver looked very much like a cat that Allison’s parent’s had named Kip. Kip was just a kitten when he died in an accident (hit by a car). I loved Kip and I enjoyed spending time with him. I was upset by his passing and so when Allison found Oliver and Duncan while working in the cat room of Petsmart for the North Attleboro Animal Shelter. We had to adopt them together and for many years they brought us lots of joy.

    Oliver has been losing weight ever since Duncan died in 2012. In the past six months he had been having bouts of diarrhea. This got worse and worse from once every couple weeks to multiple times a day. It was certainly time to say goodbye. He was clearly getting sicker with no hope of getting better. read more!


  • Photo-A-Day #3694

    Tonight we took the kids over to my Uncle’s house for a cook-out. We were there because my cousin Carissa was home and this was a birthday party for my cousin Shaun and cousin Carissa. They have birthday’s 1 day apart. We had burgers and dogs and the kids played on the porch with a Lightning McQueen power wheels. It wasn’t running on batteries or anything so they took turns pushing each other in the car. I set my camera to continuous autofocus and it did a great job picking them up as they pushed the car at me. I also set the camera to continuous shooting, high mode. It worked really well.

    The kids had a great time playing with their second cousin, Logan. We also played with a game called Rollors which is sort of a cross between Bocce and Horseshoes. Andrew was hilarious. He kept running back and forth to get the game pieces and give them back to us. Then when it was his turn to play he would take off running and launch the rollor right at the target from a foot away. read more!

  • Check out this all new LEGO Dimensions video featuring the one and only Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown from Back to the Future). He receives a mysterious package and well, the rest you have to see for yourself. I’m pretty excited to see LEGO Dimensions when it arrives in September. The game looks like it will be a lot of fun and there are a ton of expansion packs being released. I have seven below that were recently revealed. Click on the image for a larger image of the Expansion pack. After you watch the video.

    LEGO Dimensions - Expansion Pack - Doc Brown Fun Pack LEGO Dimensions - Expansion Pack - Bane Fun Pack LEGO Dimensions - Expansion Pack - Aquaman Fun Pack
    LEGO Dimensions - Expansion Pack - White Ninja Fun Pack LEGO Dimensions - Expansion Pack - Superman Fun Pack LEGO Dimensions -  Expansion Pack - Gold Ninja Fun Pack
    LEGO Dimensions - Expansion Pack - Joker and Harley Quinn Team Pack

    More about LEGO Dimensions below. read more!