By Drew Bennett

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  • Modibot
    Photo-A-Day #4330

    On September 6, 2012 I was first introduced to Mo, the Modibot. He was a protoype at the time and the start of something new from my new friend Wayne Losey. Wayne had tried a Kickstarter for some really nice looking action figures. The Kickstarter did not get funded and he asked me to go have coffee with him to talk about Kickstarter campaigns and social media. We had a really nice discussion and while we were talking Wayne introduced me to Mo. This was a character that he had created using 3D printing at Shapeways. I instantly saw something great in this simple character.

    Mo is so incredibly posable that he could do all sorts of things. Get a Facebook fan page for him and take photos of his adventures. Get people excited about him and as you create new accessories through Shapeways introduce them. About a year later Wayne launched a new Kickstarter and this time it was for Modibot. The campaign got funded and I made sure that I picked up a ton of the figures. Well, a few years have passed and Wayne continues to make parts for Mo and refine the figure. He asked if I had any of the new colors. I didn’t and so he sent me a mess of parts and accessories. I plan on making some stop motion animations with Mo soon. I was inspired because Wayne showed a photo of some magnetic fee that he was making for his figures. This will be perfect for keeping the character in the exact spot for making stop motion. So, today I made my own magnetic feet and show ou some of the new accessories for Mo.

  • Looney Toons Character Cars
    Photo-A-Day #4329

    I woke up pretty sick this morning. For most of the morning I wasn’t feeling well at all. I need to get caught up at Koko Fit Club, however, because I still need to complete 12 sessions on the cardio and the strength equipment. While I wasn’t feeling like it would be a good idea to do strength I did go and do the cardio for a couple of sessions instead. I did a few sessions until I was no longer feeling like sticking around would be the best thing to do.

    I left the gym and headed over toward Gamestop because I was looking for the new Knight Rider Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions. But when I got over that way I wasn’t feeling up to it so I wandered Toys R Us instead. While I was there I was looking for some Transformers but instead found the remaining Looney Toons Hot Wheels character cars. I was continuing down the Hot Wheels aisle and my eye was drawn to the words, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. There I found a baby Groot Go Kart character car. While there were no other ones the back of the toy shows a newly painted Rocket, a Yondu character and possibly a repainted Gamora. I wasn’t even aware that these would be hitting the shelves anytime soon/ The movie isn’t for a couple of months. I was really surprised and happy to find this.

  • On the Built from Bricks Set
    Photo-A-Day #4328

    Tonight I went over to my friend Brian’s House. We were filming a couple of episodes for the show Built from Bricks. Each week we film a couple of episodes. One of them is a city update and the other is either a challenge or a set build. Tonight was a bit different, we set up a Facebook Live session while we were filming. We also did a fake news show as if we were the news team for Brick Island, Brian’s city. Once I get these videos created they will be posted on the Built from Bricks YouTube channel.

    For now you can see my update.

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  • LEGO Dimensions LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack
    Photo-A-Day #4327

    I received the Story Pack for The LEGO Batman Movie for LEGO Dimensions from Warner Interactive Entertainment to play with and review. This is a review of the LEGO pieces for the game with some limited gameplay, but not much. More gameplay will happen in another video

    This past Saturday I went and saw the LEGO Batman Movie. It was a lot of fun and it made really excited to get home to the package that was waiting for me with the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions. I could not wait to play it. However, I would have to wait a few more days until today to actually get to play the game. There was also the downloading of the new software updates but I was smart about that, I got that done in the morning so that I could play the game when it came time to get down to playing.

    The Story pack comes with the Bat Computer ” ‘Puter” plus Batgirl and Robin. Batgirl is considered a Bonus Minifig for the game. There is also the vehicle, the Batwing that can also become Black Thunder and the Bat Tank. The Scuttler would have been cool but that would have been super complicated to make with this set. You also have to have the Batman minifig that comes with the starter pack to get the game started. This figure then becomes the LEGO Batman character from the movie. Robin can do a fun costume change but I won’t tell you what it is in case you haven’t already seen the movie. Robins abilities are: Acrobat, Illumination, Fix-It, Dive, Vent Access and when he does his Suit Rip he can: Vine Cut, Laser Deflector, Pole Vault and Glide. Batgirl can throw batarangs and she is also very smart and can solve puzzles. Here abilities are: Boomerang, Grapple, Rope Swing, Detective Mode, Stealth, Glide and High Security Access.

    We also opened the Excalibur Batman figure which comes with the Bionic Steed. Excalibur Batman has the abilities of – Boomerang, Sword Switch, Vine Cut, Stealth, Laser Deflector, Grapple, Super Strength and Master Build. The Bionic Steed can be reconfigured into the Bat-Raptor and the Ultrabat.

    Gameplay with all the characters was really fun. We had a good time playing and these would certainly be welcome additions to any player’s collection of LEGO Dimensions. Here is our video including a bat computer speed build.

  • Lucky Charms
    Photo-A-Day #4326

    I was in Target today and as I walked up the aisles to find the Kind Bars I saw a box of Lucky Charms. The box showed Lucky depicted as Green Lantern. So I walked over and picked it up. There are five different General Mills cereals that have images of Justice League characters on them. I hadn’t realized it while in the store. So I’ll have to be on the lookout for Honey Nut Cheerios, Coco Puffs, Trix and Multigrain Cheerios. Inside the boxes are 4 different comic books. They are some decent comics, too. It will be fun to read them with Andrew.