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  • New Skylanders Superchargers Valentines

    I received a package of the new Skylanders SuperChargers Valentine’s Day cards to show you. Unfortunately the kids already did all their cards for this Valentine’s day. Maybe I’ll have to give them out to my Skylanders loving Friends. The cards are nice, great designs, good paper and they also included 35 stickers in the package. The stickers aren’t Valentine’s Day themed so you can use them anywhere. The cards themselves of course are themed for Valentine’s Day and would make great ones for your classroom party. Maybe I’ll give them to Allison to give to her students. The stickers are mine, though.

    If you are looking for an alternative to candy for the kids this Valentine’s Day then a new Skylanders SuperCharger works just great. But even better is spending time playing the game with the kids. There are also some additional card designs below and also my video from yesterday where I unbox the cards. read more!

  • Fishermans Friend Logo

    Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Fisherman’s Friend for this promotion.

    Way too much Wind I need #ToughRelief during these Snow Days #Ad

    Last year we had snowstorm after snowstorm and with this year’s Winter hitting hard later on I thought I might be safe from a tough Winter. But right after Phil made his prediction of an early Spring Winter turned around and said, “No Way!” Winter then came out of its burrow and started burying us. I fired up the snowblower, our neighbor’s, and started removing a bunch of the white stuff all while enjoying a Fisherman’s Friend Throat Lozenge. read more!

  • Safari Ltd. Made a Dragon Just for Me
    Photo-A-Day #3955

    With Toy Fair coming next week or so I am starting to feel like I’m going to be left out. I will really miss attending the show this year. I love toys and Toy Fair has a been so much fun the past three years. I’ve made some great contacts for toy reviews. One such contact is with Safari Ltd. I love their toys and today they sent me three new figures. A Sauropelta Dinosaur, a Princess Dragon and an all new Grumpy Dragon, the dragon I swear they made just for me. When I saw this guy I knew that I had to have him. He looks fantastic and will be great on my desk at work. Probably because I am the grumpy guy there. Apparently I am also the grumpy guy at home because when Eva saw it she said it was like me saying “don’t do this, don’t do that, no, no, no”. She’s right. The other dragon is cute and Eva loves it because it is like a princess. It has braids and painted nails. Despite that it is a cool looking dragon with great wings and a some shiny paint applications. The dinosaur is super detailed and interesting. I show you them all up close in in today’s vlog.

    read more!

  • Zootopia Poster

    With Zootopia coming this March the kids are so excited. We’ve read some books about the movie. We’ve also gone and checked out every clip and every trailer. And there will also be some Disney Infinity 3.0 figures coming of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. It is pretty exciting. I’ve added some fun clips and also some coloring pages to share with everyone. Enjoy.

    “Arriving” Clip:

    Zootopia Coloring Pages
    Click the link to Download the .PDF File

    “Fur of a Skunk” Clip:

    Zootopia Paws Prints Matchup
    Click the link to Download the .PDF File

    “Elephant in the Room” Clip:

    More about Zootopia below. The movie will be released on March 4, 2016. read more!

  • Ruff Ruffman Just Drive

    We received a packet of information on the latest campaign from WGBH and the Connecticut Department of Transportation for the Just Drive program with Ruff Ruffman. I received this because I am a PBS Kids VIP (Very Involved Parent)

    Driving safety is a very important topic. Parents need to be good examples to their kids and put their phones away while driving. This means checking the phone at stop lights and other places that it may seem “safe” to do. The initiative is a partnership between WGBH and the Connecticut Department of Transportation. They are launching “Game Over,” a digital initiative that empowers non-driving kids nationwide to prevent parents or other adults from distracted driving, with the help of a beloved animated PBS KIDS character, Ruff Ruffman.

    Tapping into children’s “nag power,” the campaign’s approach uses the idea that kids have been successful in encouraging their parents to quit smoking, to wear seatbelts and to recycle – likewise, they can play an active role in helping parents to keep their eyes on the road, using their “nag power” for good (instead of that candy bar at check out). To help get the conversation started, here are some additional resources for families:

    · Ruff Ruffman Website: features quizzes and games, and a guide for parents.

    · Distracted Driving Video: explains the dangers of distracted driving with a catchy, original song, “Just Drive,” a humorous take on n this important topic and warns of the dangers of multitasking while driving.

    · Safe Driving Pledge: families are encouraged to print and sign a “Safe Driving Pledge” as a reminder not to text and drive. read more!

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