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  • The Kids with Shimmer and Shine

    Shimmer and Shine is an adorable new show on Nick Jr. We received a special sampler of episodes from Nick Jr. to check out with the kids. I brought it to them to watch and they already knew about the show from On Demand and they were totally on board. I watched a couple of episodes with them and I like what the show is trying to accomplish. Basically there are two genies in training, they make mistakes when wishes are made and so things don’t go smoothly. They have to use their wits and adapt. That is certainly something that kids need to have in their skill set. Life is unpredictable and so being able to be flexible and a creative problem solver will help so much as they grow.

    Here is the show trailer and below there is a press release all about the show.

    read more!

  • Nancy B. Microscope

    We received a Nancy B. Microscope from Educational Insights for use and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

    This Summer has been all about Science for Eva. She spent three weeks at the Children’s School of Science in Woods Hole and she has spent time with her Aunt Tara, a scientist in her own right. Eva loves spending time withe her Aunt and one of the things that she loves most is doing experiments with Tara. For most of the time that Eva was down on the Cape she used Tara’s room as her own and the first thing she did was set up her new microscope and prepare her own slides to examine. She used the journal that came with the microscope to explore.

    Eva using the Nancy B. Microscope

    The microscope is both inexpensive and solidly built. It is a great first microscope for Science minded children. It is part of Nancy B’s Science Club™ which includes many scientific tools geared towards young girls. Right now the microscope is on sale at for a very good price. There are amazing things that kids can see in the everyday world using this microscope. Eva was exploring all sorts of things with her microscope and even my sister was impressed with the microscope. read more!

  • Mix & Smash Marvel Mashers

    I recently downloaded the app Mix and Smash: Marvel Super Hero Mashers. This game mixes the fun of making all new super hero characters with Super Hero Mashers. In the game you get Hulk and Groot for free. You can swap out their parts to make new characters. Different levels require a specific character head to earn more rewards. So you could have Hulk’s head on Groot’s body and earn more rewards from defeating the enemies.

    There are additional heroes that you can play with if you purchase them. Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man can be purchased and I assume that more characters will be available in time. I’m not on board with having to pay for additional characters. I’d rather pay once for the game and get to play whatever characters there are.

    The game is fun and easy to play. You basically tap various parts of the villain to attack. There are also special moves for each character. Animation is fun and the action is clever and humorous. There are many other features to the game


    • Blend heroes’ looks, powers, and abilities in the MixLab.
    • Trigger special moves in Smash Mode
    • Tackle evil robots, and battle remixed Super Villains — Doctor Octopus & Ultron
    • Power through five heroic chapters and clear dozens of levels
    • Combine classic attacks with rhythm combat
    • Watch exclusive Marvel Super Hero Masher shorts
    • Earn special items so you can enter combat with ultimate health and power
  • Cinderella Blu-ray release September 15th

    Our family got to see an advanced screening of Cinderella months ago and we loved it. There was such a strong message about Kindness from the movie and it was something that Eva picked right up on. We were very proud of how she saw the importance of Cinderella being kind and compassionate with everyone. Now, the movie is slated to be released on Digital HD and Blu-ray on September 15th and to coincide with this launch there is a new site where people can log their own words of kindess. The goal is to achieve a million words of kindness by World Kindness day on November 123, 2015. More details are below. read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3788

    MY latest Loot Crate arrived today. This one is the Villains 2 crate. I created a new video of my Loot Crate Unboxing. The crate contains items from Marvel, DC and Breaking Bad. The crate had the least amount of items in it so far but they were pretty large and so justifies the cost I think. There was a ceramic mug of Venom from Marvel. There was also a Hydra pin from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, A Breaking Bad themed apron and a DC Comics painted wooden figure of The Joker. I liked the Hydra pin and the Joker figure. I gave away the apron and will also give away the mug. Here is the video of the unboxing.


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