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  • Photo-A-Day #3612

    Moved into a new phase with Andrew today. The last couple of months I’d been taking Andrew to swimming lessons. The lessons were called Pike with Parent. This meant that I swam with Andrew. I was right there cheering him on and catching him as he yelled “Cannonball” at the top of his lungs and launched himself into my arms. I saw him improving and improving through the classes and I love being able to be right there with him.

    We started a new session of Pike with Parent with a new teacher. The new teacher is a bit abrupt and wouldn’t let the kids and parents play together while waiting for class to start. Then through the course of the class she had us stay off to the side while the kids did their own swimming. And by the end of the class we were out of the water watching as the kids did their jumps. I was feeling really sad that I couldn’t catch Andrew when he jumped.

    So, the next class parents will be able to sit at the edge of the pool with their feet in the water while the kids swim. The class after that we won’t get near the water at all. This went by so quickly for me and the abrupt change in style between the last instructor and this instructor knocked me for a bit of an emotional loop. I am going to miss being there in the water with Andrew.

    Andrew, though, excelled in the class. He was the strongest and fastest swimmer. He jumped out the furthest. The instructor better move back because he doesn’t just jump he launches. I look forward to seeing Andrew improve each week.

  • Loot Crate Play

    My latest Loot Crate arrived today. The theme of it is called Play. The Loot Crate box itself doubles as a game board for a very special game called Crate Packing 2015. The magazine has punch out game pieces and figures. A pair of dice also came in the crate and those can be used with the fame or also to play a form of rock-paper-scissors. A Loot Crate themed deck of Superfight was also included. I’m looking forward to playing these specific games.

    The crate also included a blank Munny World figure with washable markers. Also a Hexbug Zombie scarab figure. Also included was a Pac-Man mini poster and a copy of the book, Ready Player One. Table top and card games weren’t the only ones included. there was a special code for the Firefly Online game. a pretty great set of items from Loot Crate.

    Giant Loot Crate

    When I was at Toy Fair I got to have a nice conversation with one of the Loot Crate Co-Founders, Matt. There are so many great things coming from Loot Crate. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Photo-A-Day #3611

    Today kicked off the first meeting of the newly formed Photography club at my daughter’s school. I got to the school with Andrew in tow. He had fallen asleep halfway through our drive over. I had Andrew, his diaper bag, my backpack loaded with cameras and equipment and another bag with even more stuff.

    The overall plan was to use Legacy Learning’s Learn and Master Photography plus some hands on work with the cameras. To get things started we watched some of the DVD but it wasn’t exactly engaging. I’ll use it later for some of the bigger topics that do not get outdated. Specific photography concepts like aperture and depth of field and things like that which can be better explained by an expert than me.

    Once I realized that the students weren’t getting much out of the DVD I sat down with them at the table and explained the equipment in my own words. They really began to respond to that. Then I pulled out the Foldio and an Elsa Funko figure plus a couple of lights. They really got excited about that. “It is like a photo shoot,” one of the girls said.

    Elsa Funko Figure

    We focused on the different camera functions and settings. Aperture priority was something that they were interested in so we focused on that for a while. In future meetings we’ll work with various lenses and other topics. I’ve got to work on some real lesson plans and handouts for the students plus possible challenges and assignments.

  • Frozen Fever

    In another week I’m going to go seen an advanced screening of Cinderella and I’ll be lucky enough to check out the next movie short, Frozen Fever. It is Anna’s birthday and the gang is trying to do something special for her. But you know there will be hilarious complications. Check out the trailer.

    read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3610

    Tomorrow will be the first meeting of the photography club at Eva’s School. I got the idea to start a club when Samsung ran their Ditch the DSLR days last year. I turned two of my DSLRs in to the program to get a start on this program. So I got two NX30s for the trade. I’m looking forward to the start of this club and hope that the kids are excited as well. I know that Eva is excited.


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