Building Ultra Katty and Warrior Lucy

Ultra Katty and Warrior Lucy
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00045

Tonight viewers could spend part of their Valentine’s Day with Brian and Me as we did a Built from Bricks Livestream. Everything was going great. We were chatting with viewers, livestreaming a challenge and then the microphone stopped working. We were unable to get it started right away and had to actually switch to one of the mics on a webcam. Unfortunately that took about 10 minutes and we ended up losing the people who were viewing. I have made an edit to the video using YouTube that should cut out the dead air time. The speed build was really fun despite that setback.

We built the LEGO Movie 2 set, UltraKatty and Warrior Lucy. It is a fun build of UniKitty in her hulked-out mode. I like that this set works with the set of Emmett and his getaway car from the beginning of the movie. That was a great way to make these sets feel more like the movie. I like that LEGO did that.

We also recorded a couple additional things to make some more episodes as we post every Wednesday and Sunday of each week.

Valentine’s Day Traditions and a Special Giveaway

Evas First Valentines Day

I’m working with our friends over at CATHOLIC CENTRAL to do a special Saint Valentine’s Day giveaway and share with you our Saint Valentine’s Day traditions. Opinions are our own.

In our house food is love. It just is. I was looking back over our Valentine’s day posts from the past 16 years of this blog and the majority of the posts came back with posts about food. We love to bake for each other and make special meals, That could mean Heart Shaped Cheeseburger Pockets to Brownies with special heart candies inside. Back when Eva was 3 years old she and Allison surprised me with Valentine’s Day cookies that were shaped like teddy bears. Eva did some wicked decorating on them, too.

Our Family - First Valentines Day

For this Valentine’s Day I picked up a special brownie mix, some Valentine’s Day M&Ms and some Reese’s peanut butter hearts. I made the brownies and cut them so that they looked like a heart shape. Okay so maybe I just sampled a corner and when I turned the plate it came up as a heart shape.

Made a Heart Shape

I’ve been asked by Catholic Central to write about some of the most romantic things that we have done in our family. But honestly, my wife’s favorite saying is “Ah, the romance…” We just aren’t that romantic. We don’t watch those over the top romantic movies or do much that is romantic. We do nice things for each other and much of what we say about love we say through food. Catholic Central has actually provided us with a downloadable PDF called “10 Tips To Rock St. Valentine’s At home”. In it there are some very nice activities and also some details about what Saint Valentine’s Day is all about. They have also provided me with a special kit to give away. Want to see what is inside, then check out this video below.

First, download the “10 Tips To Rock St. Valentine’s At home” by clicking the image below and after that enter to win the Valentine’s Day kit.

 photo VALENTINEs_download_zpshiisfqd1.png

The St. Valentine Love Kit includes:

1 – Red Rose LED Glass Dome elegant table lamp.
1 – Gold tone “Love” bangle bracelet
And more!

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