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  • A whole new ODD SQUAD special is coming to PBS Kids on Monday. It is a series of five 11 minute episodes together called ODD SQUAD: Against the Odds. More information is below.



    October is “Odd-tober” on PBS KIDS, with special programming and digital content all month long

    Arlington, VA, September 15, 2015 – This October is “Odd-tober” on PBS KIDS, with an all-new ODD SQUAD one-hour special and the return of Halloween-themed family favorites from various series. Related games, clips and full episodes will also be available on PBS KIDS digital platforms throughout the month.

    “October is an especially exciting time for children, and PBS KIDS is proud to offer engaging media content across platforms throughout the month,” said Lesli Rotenberg, General Manager, Children’s Media, PBS. “From triumphing over odd villains with Olive and Otto in ODD SQUAD to dressing up in costumes with Daniel Tiger and friends, kids will have the chance to join their favorite PBS KIDS characters on adventures all ‘Odd-tober’ long — and explore math, problem-solving and teamwork along the way.” read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3830

    Character Switcher

    Andrew is our house character switcher. He enjoys playing Disney Infinity 3.0 but when we are all home to play he likes switching our characters. He doesn’t let you get too attached to anyone either. He is switching them over and over. I was leaving for work tonight and he was getting the entire collection out of the box. He doesn’t quite get the concept of the Play Sets where only certain characters can be used. I try to play the new Rise Against the Empire and he keeps trying to put in Randal from Monsters Inc. Randal is his favorite character. I am not sure why, but he is.


  • Photo-A-Day #3829

    Thomas time at Kidz Wurld

    Fridays are my toughest day of the week. While I enjoy my time with Andrew and being able to be home all week, Fridays are the toughest. Fridays are tough because it is the day I go back to work. It also means that I’m looking ahead at a long day and a long night. A twenty-four hour period of being awake. It is also the end of the week and I am spent with trying to figure out things to do with Andrew to keep him interested, fed and entertained. Fridays are tough. It doesn’t help that I’m not that thrilled about having to go back to work for another weekend. It seems like just when I get back to normal after the previous weekend it is time to throw things all out of whack again. I can be short tempered on Fridays.

    This Friday I was trying to get a few errands done and one of them was to run to the UPS store to send back the Cable modem to Comcast. The plaza that has the UPS store also has a place called Kidz Wurld. It is an indoor play place that has some inflatables, play sets and more things. Kids can run around and play with tons of things. Andrew had a great time running and jumping and he made a little friend. Then the two of them would run from activity to activity and play together. I figured that if I could tire him out in the morning that he’d sleep in the afternoon. That never happens unless we stay out and eat something for lunch and I drive him around long enough for him to pass out. Instead I did the responsible thing and picked up some cold cuts for lunch and brought him home to eat. He did not nap.

    It seems the harder I try to tire him out the more awake the kid gets.


  • Photo-A-Day #3828

    Yoda's Angels

    With all the gameplay I’ve done this week with Disney Infinity 3.0 I wanted to start taking some photos of the figures. I took all of the Star Wars characters to the office and started shooting. I placed different characters together as master and apprentice, scoundrels and the muscle. Then I put all the female characters together and it looked a bit like Charlie’s Angles. So I picked up Yoda and put him with the female characters to make Yoda’s Angels. As far as I can tell Yoda never med Sabine, unless that is something that happens in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. If it never happens that is fine but it would be cool to think that Yoda met all of these characters.


  • Photo-A-Day #3827
    Early Nap

    We took Tara to the airport today. It was a rainy early morning and Andrew was awake the whole ride… there. I figured that I might try and get him to nap later in the day but he passed out as soon as we got back in the car to go home. I really could have used that nap later in the day so that I could sleep as well but that wasn’t happening. We spent the rainy day in a lazy way playing video games and watching movies. Andrew is enjoying playing Disney Infinity more and more. Of course he only wants to be in the empty toolbox chasing a giant soccer ball. That is so boring to me. So I convince him to play other parts of the game and he’s cool with it for a while then gets bored and I get my full screen back.


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