Full Trailer for THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING Has Been Released

L-R: Rhianna Dorris, Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Angus Imrie, Dean Chaumoo, and Tom Taylor star in Twentieth Century Fox’s THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING. Photo Credit: Kerry Brown.

Last week I posted about an upcoming movie called THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING which is a modern day King Arthur story. Well, maybe not King Arthur but a kid who finds the sword Excalibur and needs to unite his friends to fight the forces of evil. Well, the full trailer has arrived. We get to see more about the story and also we get to meet Merlin. We get to meet Young Merlin. We don’t see the older Merlin in the trailer but he has already been revealed to be Patrick Stewart. I do have a film still showing Patrick Stewart with Louis Ashbourne Serkis.

Watch the trailer

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The Hate U Give – In Theaters Now

Replace Hate

Many times I’ve thought about what type of world awaits my children. The past few years have been some very scary ones in the world around us and it is so easy to get caught up in the fear and the hatred. Despite those things I see a lot to hope for and many people who are doing things that take courage and compassion. The whole world isn’t full of terrible people doing terrible things. There are some and they are getting a lot of our attention. However, there are many more who are working hard to make the world better.

The Hate U Give

There is a movie that has just come out called The Hate U Give. I have not seen it nor have I read the book. It does have me interested in doing both, though. The movie looks powerful and it is full of actors and actresses that I enjoy including Common, KJ Apa, Sabrina Carpenter and Anthony Mackie.

One thing the movie is doing to promote the message of Replace The Hate is that they have created a website called ReplaceHate.com. Visitors to ReplaceHate.com will be able to upload a photo of themselves, choose a word they stand for – like “Hope,” ”Love,” or “Compassion” – to replace the word “Hate” in THE HATE U GIVE, and create a shareable #ReplaceHate moment representing how they’d like to make a difference in the world. I uploaded a couple of photos of the kids because they are our best chance to replace the hate that is in this world with their kindness. Here are what those look like. You’ll have to click play so they make sense. Continue reading The Hate U Give – In Theaters Now