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If you missed it, I became a parent on Wednesday. Our beautiful baby girl Eva Grace was born at 12:04pm on Wednesday October 10. she came a bit early, ten days, and we were not altogether ready for her arrival. For one thing there are many items that need to be put together. the Baby Swing, the baby bouncer and many other baby items. Dad even went out and got his little angel an iCrib and a Zen stone MP3 player, pink of course.

With all the diaper changes, feedings, and sleep time being able to blog and spend time with the baby has been a balancing act. Luckily we received a baby sling from our friend Christine a while back before Eva arrived. With it I can spend time holding Eva close to me but still reach the keyboard. The sling is a little girly looking for me but it works great and I think Eva likes it. So no big deal. I’m secure enough to wear a pretty looking sling.

Baby slings have been around forever and they are pretty great tech. For one thing your hands and arms are totally free and your baby is right up close to you, they can hear your heartbeat and feel your warmth, while you can get a few little tasks done around the house, and believe me, there are tons of little tasks around the house to take care of. So if you are looking for a low tech gadget that will help you care for baby, slings are where it is at.

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6 thoughts on “Parent Tech : Baby Slings”

  1. I never would have survived without my sling: housework, colic, shopping, on and on and on. They are so much better now. Be sure to have a spare! I never realized till I read this that Eva was early. She certainly is healthy, and don’t worry: you never would’ve been ready on time! And you never WILL be ready on time again! LOL

  2. We have two of them, they are very handy. And I hope we can be on time for things sometime in the future. But I guess that is going to be futile.

  3. Congratulations, I hadn’t been by in a little while. We never got much use out of the slings but the front and the rear back packs were super useful.

    Our middle daughter almost lived in the rear backpack from 7 months to about 20 months (long after she was walking)

  4. Hi Brett,
    I will probably do the Baby backpack thing as well, But once I put the sling on correctly I will use that more too. She loves being held more than anything.

  5. congratulations, I’m a bit immature still and don’t have any kids but my girlfriends friend just had a baby..bout a month old and it transformed her life dramatically. She is way more patient and just loving it seems…very crazy transformation but one for the better. Best of luck

  6. Thank you Matthew. I appreciate the comments. You’ll have one one day and the transformation will be complete.

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