Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award!

No, not me or this blog. Ellis Paul’s album The Dragonfly Races (the first CD we bought specifically for Eva) has just recently won this most prestigious honor. The Parent’s Choice Silver Honor Award is a pretty big deal

We are pretty happy for Ellis, in addition to creating these songs and this album he has been one of our favorite folk singers for so long. We’ve had the chance to talk to him on many occasions and we couldn’t be happier. When we found out that a children’s album was coming we knew that it would be an amazing CD or amazing songs. And we certainly were not disappointed. I was so excited for it and wanted it to do well and sell a bunch of copies that I even offered to give away 10 iTunes downloads to the first 10 people to respond. But at that time not many people were reading this blog, (well less than now) and so I never gave any away. I would still like to do that for anyone who is interested. So go to my The Dragonfly Races post and enter to win a free iTunes Download.

And if you are in the Boston Area May 24th and want to catch Ellis performing in a live, free, outdoor concert as part of Earthfest on the kid’s planet stage then check out this information.

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