I am once again late tot he party. Today I was talking with my friend John at work about toyz and he told me that he wanted to get his kidz some Webkinz. Webkinz? What the heck are Webkinz? Well apparently they are the hottest toys for kidz at the moment. I mean these are the combination of Pokeman and Beanie Babiez. The buzz around theze thingz iz incredible. And yet, I firzt heard about them today. Honestly I had no clue what they are until John told me.

You may have noticed that I have some Amazon.com affiliate linkz on the site. There was one today for a Webkinz. It think that when something enters your knowledge then you see it all the time, everywhere. It is so weird.

So, Webkinz are very interesting because they are toys that you play with because they are stuffed animals. But you can also play with these online as well. They have homes, toys and all sorts of things that they can do online. And you have to play with them or they get sick and die. What an marketing juggernaut this has become. This has been around for a while and yet, just heard about it.

I thought that this would be an interesting thing to mention on the technology blog. Using technology to sell overpriced stuffed animals is amazing.

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  1. Big G says:

    My son got a Webkinz for his birthday from his cousins (who ALL have them). He loves the plushy, and sleeps with it every night.

    But it’s the online part that you talk about that has ME addicted.

    I’m a big video-game fan (still), and the idea of building a house for the pet to live in, room by room, is awesome. My son loves to pick out matching furniture to put in the different rooms, and loves to work his virtual garden for veggies to feed his pet Lab.

    I’ve even found myself playing some of the Webkinz games at work so that I can earn my son some more Kinzcash (playing the arcade-style games earns your pet ‘Kinzcash’ which are the virtual dollars used to buy your online pet various items).

    Don’t know if this is considered spam or not…I’ll leave that up to you to edit or moderate, but there are better ways than others to make Kinzcash for your pet. There’s a compilation of Kinzcash-making stategies at http://webkinz-hints-tips.best-free-information.com That site can help with making KC fast, but it also contains the secrets for the Gem Hunt (which mines contain which gems), and a long list of recipes that your pet can ‘cook’ by combining different food items on their stove, etc., to make new fun foods.

    Ganz really is onto something here. Give the parents a way to get connected into what the kids like. It’s a positive family experience: “Dad, can we do Webkinz?” (together) It’s also brilliant marketing, since playing online gives them constant access to advertise to you (and your child).

  2. Drew says:

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