YesVideo December Challenge

For the past couple of months YesVideo has been hosting a PhotoADay Challenge on Instagram. I participated really well in October but not so good in November but I am back and strong for December. I hope that the other YesVideo ambassadors and I hope that a lot of you guys will participate.

To participate get an Instagram account and take photos. Then tag the photos with #PhotoADay, #YesMemory plus the day’s theme and also tag @YesVideo’s Instagram account as well. It is a great way to have fun with other Instagram photographers and do something a little silly each day. And then there is trying to come up with something for each day’s theme.

Also Don’t forget that if you want to get your memories preserved by YesVideo in time for Christmas then the deadline to drop off materials at CVS is Monday December 3.

Disclosure: This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador for YesVideo. Visit to join the conversation.

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2 Responses to “Participate in YesVideo’s PhotoADay December Challenge”

  1. Justin says:

    Hi Drew,
    I don’t have an Instagram account yet but I will get one. Taking photographs is a passion of mine and I post many of them on my Flickr account. I am in need of a quality camera soon and have been thinking about getting a Nikon.

    • Drew says:

      Hi Justin,
      I’m a fan of Nikon, our whole family has them. When you get Instagram check me out, my user is benspark. Thanks